Christmas Offering

Living Generously Christmas Offering
Raising $20K for Foreign Missions & Local Care

Foreign Missions & Local Care—both are the heartbeat of Jesus, and are the reasons for our 2018 Christmas Offering.

We are raising $13K to support a new missionary partnership in Tokyo, Japan, and $7K to continue to meet the needs of people in our congregation through our Care Team. Scroll down to learn more about Foreign Missions and Local Care. 

This is a special offering over and above our normal giving.

While remaining faithful to our commitment to support the budget of Harbor City Church, we are stepping out in faith, trusting that Jesus will supply all our needs as we give to the needs of others.

Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.
Luke 6:38

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Around the globe, people are moving into cities at an unprecedented rate. It’s estimated that 4 million people a MONTH are moving into cities—that’s another San Diego every 10 days! However, people are moving into cities much faster than churches are moving into cities. That means cities are the fastest growing mission frontier in the world.

In order for the renewing power of Jesus to be brought to this frontier, there is an urgent need to raise up gospel-centered leaders to plant more churches in the growing global cities of the world.

We are doing our part to meet this need through a partnership with Redeemer City to City, and Grace City Church in Tokyo, Japan.


Redeemer City to City is an organization founded by Tim Keller and Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC. City to City is dedicated to helping leaders plant gospel-centered churches in cities throughout the world. They do this by:

  1. Training and equipping local pastors to be gospel-centered leaders, and to plant churches that proclaim the good news of Jesus in their local context.
  2. Providing coaching and support over years, helping these pastors develop healthy local networks to collaborate across denominations for the common good of their city.
  3. Pairing church-planters with partner churches across the globe for prayer, financial support, and mutual ministry.

To date City to City has helped start over 380 locally-led, gospel-centered churches in 54 cities across the globe.

We partnered with City to City, and they connected us with Grace City Church in Tokyo.

Learn more about City to City's work in the Asia-Pacific region.


Tokyo is a great city. With a population of 36 million, it is the largest city in the history of the world. It’s economy is larger than all but 8 entire countries. It is the heart of Japanese culture: politics, business/finance, media, art, fashion, & education. It’s a magnet for young people. It’s a trend-setter throughout Asia. It’s been called one of the 4 most influential cities in the world.

Tokyo is a broken city. It is less than 1% Christian, with 95% of people having never even heard the gospel. Despite it's dense population, people are highly isolated, extremely lonely, under excessive stress, and burdened with long hours of overwork. 7,000 people commit suicide in Tokyo each year. That’s the entire student body PLNU—x2—every year. They actually have a word for death caused by overwork—Karoshi. 5,000 people per year die from overwork. They have another word—Hikikomori—to describe the complete social withdrawal and isolation suffered by 1.6 million people—roughly the population of of San Diego.

Despite its beauty and greatness, Tokyo is acutely broken. The people of Tokyo need to hear the good news of Jesus.


Since 2010, under the leadership of Pastor Makoto Fukuda and in partnership with City to City, Grace City Church Tokyo has been laboring to serve the people of Tokyo. In addition to planting and pastoring his own church, Pastor Makoto has founded and led the Grace Church Planting Network—a coalition of Japanese church-planters who share a vision to see the gospel renew Tokyo. To date, they have planted 5 churches in Tokyo, with 5 more in various stages of launch.

Already Planted:
2010 - Grace City Church - Makoto & Michiru Fukuda
2013 - Double O Cross Church - Ryuta & Paty Kimura
2014 - Grace Harbor Church - Seima & Naoko Aoyagi
2015 - New Community Church - Drew & Chami Cho
2016 - The Bridge Fellowship - Joy & Izel Zolina

In Process:
2017 - Tokyo International Pres - Andy & Chie Duncan
2018 - Brand New Life Church - Tomoyuki & Chika Seki
2018 - Toys Grace Church - Seitaro & Emma Sakaguchi
2019 - Redeemer Church of Roppongi - Christian & Kay Zeblyee
2020 - Tokyo Station Church - Thierry & Antonia Richards



Through our support of Grace City Church, we are actually helping 10 gospel-proclaiming churches bring the renewing power of Jesus to the people of Tokyo.




Jesus bore our burdens and met our needs with mercy, truth, wisdom and generous grace. The Care Team is us as a church seeking to love one another as Christ has loved us.

Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.
Galatians 6:2

The purpose of the Care Team is to serve the physical, emotional, spiritual and financial needs of people in our church family.

With their various gifts and expertise, members of the team serve others at Harbor in a whole spectrum of ways: providing transportation; help with moving, yard work, errands, and housework; visitation for the sick and lonely; financial and legal counseling; prayer, encouragement, mentorship, accountability, and more.

Additionally, the Care Team coordinates meal trains for those in need, gift packages for new parents, and when appropriate, financial assistance.

Last year the Care Team spent just over $6,000 to meet all kinds of needs at Harbor City Church. We need to replenish those funds to keep up the good work.

1 Pet 2:9-12 tells us that the church is a new kind of society that proclaims what life can be like under the healing and providing reign of King Jesus. The Care Team is one important way we are living this out at Harbor City Church.

If you want to learn more or join the Care Team, email Deacon Joel Baumgartner at .