Our vision is a renewed city through a renewed people.

City Events are designed to mobilize people to put that vision into action!
Through our City Events, you can:

  1. SERVE what is broken, and CELEBRATE what is good in San Diego
  2. DEEPEN and EXPAND your circle of relationships
  3. IDENTIFY, DEVELOP & INVEST your God-given gifts

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City Partners

We partner with the following organizations to help renew the city

Empowering sexually trafficked young women to discover a future of freedom.
San Diego Rescue Mission
A full-service shelter and recovery center assisting homeless men, women and children transition from poverty to flourishing.
Veterans Village of San Diego
Assisting homeless veterans by providing substance abuse recovery services, mental health counseling, job training, housing, food, clothing & legal services
The David’s Harp Foundation
Using the power of media creation to mentor at-risk and homeless youth.
Campus Outreach
Transformed students, transforming the west coast.
Vision Pathways
A 2-year discipleship program equipping young professionals to live out the gospel in all of life.

In addition to these partnerships, we are also actively involved in HIV/AIDS care, crisis pregnancy care, and providing resources for underprivileged and refugee students in San Diego. Learn more by contacting us at

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November 2019