Life Groups

Life Groups are the Heartbeat of Harbor City Church.

Meeting during the week in homes throughout the city, these gatherings of 6 to 12 people are the place where everyone can connect within an intentional community to experience the relational, transformational and missional power of the gospel. All groups are led by trained leaders from the congregation who are given continual oversight and support.

We want to remove every barrier for you to attend a Life Group - so we will reimburse your childcare costs! Contact Mike Forrest for more information ( ).


7PM – Talmadge
Led by Tyler & Hilary Jarratt

7PM – Women's Group in Kensington
Led by Kim Elliott


5:30PM – Coronado
Led by Kyle & Jessica Tompane and Hugh & Ashlin Scanlon

6:30PM – Men's Group in Mission Valley
Led by Kurt Klassen

6:45PM – Encanto 
Led by Bill & Dana McCurine

7PM – North Park
Led by Isaac & Mckenzie Brown

7PM – University Heights
Led by John & Kiley Lee


6:00PM - Downtown
Led by Mark & Sandie Maliepaard

6:45PM - La Mesa
Led by Jim Hopkins