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ESTHER BEGINS TODAY! If you can't hear God's voice, does that mean he's not acting in your life? Not according to Esther! #HarborCBR

Esther,2-God isn't mentioned once in this book, but it's CLEAR that God is working throughout it. The same is true of our lives! #HarborCBR

Esther,3-Ezra&Nehemiah recount Israel's return from exile. Esther shows that some Israelites remained in exile and were used mightily. #HarborCBR

Esther,4-Esther shows us the powerful influence we can have in our workplace when our desire is to serve God and His people. #HarborCBR

Esther,5-An excellent story! Beautiful&Courageous heroine, evil villain, romance, suspense, irony, poetic justice, and a happy ending. #HarborCBR

Es1-The rotten arrogance of male chauvinism! More frustrating than reading it is the pain of suffering under it. An ominous intro. #HarborCBR

Es1,2-Ahasueras is the king's Persian name. He is better known for his Greek name: Xerxes. #HarborCBR

Es2-Esther's beauty was a gift she used w/Mordecai's wisdom & was made queen! What gifts do you have that can be used to bless others? #HarborCBR

Es2,2-King's image declines: "Wife displeases you? Get another one! Ensure she's pretty!" We scoff, but imitate this in our thoughts. #HarborCBR

Es2,3-Mordecai saves the king's life. Not a small act, and it's recorded in the king's annals. Wonder if that's important to the plot? #HarborCBR

Es3-Justified or not, Mordecai's defiance of Haman causes annihilation to be declared on God's people. The king is on Haman's side. #HarborCBR

Es3,2-Mordecai descends from Saul (son of Kish 2:5). Haman descends from Agag (an Amalekite). 1Samuel 15's hatred is playing out again. #HarborCBR

Es4-Mordecai convinces Esther that her purpose in life may be for just this moment. What are you on earth for? #HarborCBR

Es4,2-This chapters begins with and ends with fasting. Fasting is an act of great dependence on God. #HarborCBR

Es4,3-For a book that doesn't mention God by name, His people seek Him passionately. When God seems silent, don't stop seeking Him! #HarborCBR

Es4,4-The tension is set: Esther will go in. Will the king execute her, or extend his scepter to save her life? #HarborCBR

Es4,5-Mordecai's faith in God's ultimate deliverance should stretch all our faith! #HarborCBR

Es5-Esther risks her life & is spared by the king's grace. Now a race: Esther's plot to save Israel vs. Haman's plot to kill Mordecai. #HarborCBR

Es5,2-Esther is saved by grace to plead for Israel's salvation. In the gospel, Jesus must be crucified to plead for our salvation. #HarborCBR

Es5,3-Haman shows the consuming power of hatred. He can't enjoy his life because of his hatred. What hatred to you need to let go of? #HarborCBR

Es6-A priceless reversal! Evil, arrogant Haman sets himself up for honor, but must bestow this honor on his arch enemy, Mordecai. #HarborCBR

Es6,2-God is in the details of our lives! Insomnia causes the king to learn that he never honored Mordecai for his heroism in ch2. #HarborCBR

Es7-Esther reveals her identity & pleads for the Jews. Haman is exposed & hanged from the gallows he built to hang Mordecai. Justice! #HarborCBR

Es7,2-Esther risks her life to plead for God's people. I'm so thankful that Jesus sacrificed His life to plead for me. #HarborCBR

Es8-Esther&Mordecai are saved. Now she pleads for all the Jews (who were condemned by Haman's edict in ch3). Blessed to be a blessing. #HarborCBR

Es8,2-Esther&Mordecai share their victory with their people. Jesus experienced defeat for us so that we would share His victory. #HarborCBR

Es9-Tough to connect when we don't have people actively trying to kill us and our families. v10: self-preservation was the motive. #HarborCBR

Es9,2-God leads His people in a new Exodus from bondage and death threats. Purim is the new Passover, celebrating this victory. #HarborCBR

Es10-Book ends w/Mordecai exalted and using his position to care for and shepherd God's people. Biblical leadership serves others. #HarborCBR

Es10,2-Mordecai becomes like Joseph and Daniel-exalted in a foreign government to lead with wisdom and to bring peace (shalom).

Es10,3-Esther ends similarly to Ruth: after the heroine's triumph, the guardian (Naomi & Mordecai) have an epilogue-like happy ending. #HarborCBR

Es10,4-Alas, even the infatuation of romantic bliss cannot stave off taxes forever (compare 10:1 with 2:18). #HarborCBR

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Nehemiah CBR Tweets

#HarborCBR  How does faith inspire us to renew our city's neighborhoods and politics? Read Nehemiah and find out! 

Nehemiah is the 2nd half of Ezra. The two are combined as one book in the Hebrew Bible. #HarborCBR

Neh1-Worshiping God can end w/v11: "give success to your servant today." If God is great & He is with us, we can have success TODAY! #HarborCBR

Neh1,2-v8f: If you are unfaithful, I will scatter you. But if you return to me & keep my word, though outcasts, I will gather you back. #HarborCBR

Neh2-Nehemiah's prayer before answering his boss is a great example of his faith active in the workplace. God is with us Monday-Friday! #HarborCBR

Neh2,2-The hearts of kings (and bosses) are in the hand of God. God has the power to give us favor in their eyes. #HarborCBR

Neh2,3-Nehemiah is given permission from the king to rebuild Jerusalem! An amazing act of God giving His people a 2nd chance! #HarborCBR

Neh3-51 different people, families, and groups are listed as rebuilding the wall. Mission creates community. #HarborCBR http://t.co/pI2JGT7WpY

Neh3,2-1st & last in the circular wall description: the Sheep Gate--where animals came thru for sacrifices. Worship is central to life. #HarborCBR

Neh4-Israel overcomes persecution. They pray AND set a guard. They remember God AND fight. They work AND carry weapons. BOTH us & God. #HarborCBR

Neh5-Nehemiah is the leader we all want: the only thing bigger than his call to others for generosity is his personal generosity. #HarborCBR

Neh5,2-If we are family, it changes how we treat each other. To whom will you extend the bonds of family love? To whom will you not? #HarborCBR

Neh6-Threats & persecution from without, bribed & conspiring officials from within. What keeps Nehemiah going? Strength thru 2 prayers. #HarborCBR

Neh6,2-Nehemiah's fear of danger & failure unsuccessfully tempt him to sin. My fears tempt me to lie, steal, manipulate. How about you? #HarborCBR

Neh6,3-Jesus, Your cross & resurrection prove that I can face my fears because I am not alone! Thank You for Your presence! #HarborCBR

Neh6,4-Nehemiah prayed twice: once for strength from God, the other for God to handle his enemies. Great example for us in persecution! #HarborCBR

Neh7-The wall rebuilt, Nehemiah now leads to rebuild the people. Genealogies mean the chief thing about us: we know God & His people. #HarborCBR

Neh7,2-Categories in genealogies show how to think about temple service: Priests, Levites, singers, gatekeepers--cover temple service. #HarborCBR

Neh8-God calls people to teach the Bible because He wants us to understand it! They read it and explain it, so people understand. #HarborCBR

Neh8,2-People hear the Bible & weep because they sinned. God's word to them: "Don't be grieved. The joy of the LORD is your strength." #HarborCBR

Neh8,3-Oh the price Jesus paid to tell us: Don't grieve, but rejoice! The cross turns mourning into joy! Communion is a weekly feast! #HarborCBR

Neh9-Israel remembers the past w/great honesty: God has been amazing & gracious, they have been rebellious. Time to renew commitment. #HarborCBR

Neh9,2-Ryan: "Why tell God things He already knows?" Ans: "How do U feel when we praise U for your good works?" R: "That makes sense." #HarborCBR

Neh9,3-v5: God's name is above all praise. Means our worship is striving to reach him. Worship lifts us to heaven. #HarborCBR

Neh9,4-v1: earth/dust on the head says, "We are but dust. We are below dust." An act of humility that shows dependence on God. #HarborCBR

Neh10-Their history reviewed, now their vows renewed: Stay Pure, Trust God by not overworking, Worship Him & honor His house. #HarborCBR

Neh11-Having tithed their income, Israel now tithes their people to live in & rebuild Jerusalem. Worship is sacrificing more than $. #HarborCBR

Neh11,2-To rebuild/renew a city, it takes people committing $. And more than $, it takes people willing to move in, rebuilding in love. #HarborCBR

Neh11,3-This is the miracle of the incarnation: God's commitment to save and renew the world meant He became flesh and dwelt among us. #HarborCBR

Neh12-The wall is finished, but it's not REALLY finished until God is worshiped and thanked. How often do we forget this last step? #HarborCBR

Neh13-The book ends in frustration: while Nehemiah is gone Israel commits spiritual adultery in areas of Temple, Sabbath, and Marriage. #HarborCBR

Neh13,2-Nehemiah's leadership re-cleanses Israel. We all need leadership to keep us reminded of what's most important! #HarborCBR

Nehemiah13,3-Nehemiah's leadership has clear boundaries. A theme of "God, I'm not responsible for their sins!" is in this conclusion. #HarborCBR


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