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Zechariah CBR Tweets

ZEC1-When God's people turn back to obey Him, He renews them. God watches our lives and calls us to come back to Him. #HarborCBR
#HarborCBR Zechariah starts today with City Bible Reading! Contemporary with Haggai, this book challenges Israel to stay close to God and look to His promises for future renewal.

ZEC1,2-It's the end of the 70 year exile, God is moving to restore Israel to prosper in their land. #HarborCBR

ZEC1,3-v18f 4 horns=nations that conquered Israel. So were the 4 kingdoms of Daniel also before the 70 years were complete? #HarborCBR

ZEC2-Come! Come! Join God in His work! He invites us to obey Him and to heal our land thru loving those around us. #HarborCBR
ZEC3-As we stand guilty before God, the devil accuses us but God cleanses and renews us. Who are you listening to today? #HarborCBR
ZEC3,2-"Remove Joshua's the filthy garments and I will clothe him w/pure clothing." Today, God clothes us w/Jesus' perfect life. #HarborCBR

ZEC3,3-2 steps to renewing a country or community: renew worship and leadership. The branch is a king from David's line. #HarborCBR
ZEC4-God Himself will empower the rebuilding of the temple so it's completed. Zerubbabel will lead the project by God's help. #HarborCBR

ZEC5-Israel neglected God and Temple by stealing and swearing falsely. They will be judged and their sin removed from the land. #HarborCBR

ZEC6-Horses are back! 4 teams that patrol the land. Worship and Leadership will be married as God rules and renews His people. #HarborCBR
ZEC7-God knows when we're going thru the motions with Him. He sees through them and they are not good enough. #HarborCBR
ZEC8-Even in judgment God promises to restore & renew His people. They'll return and be a light so outsiders will return with them. #HarborCBR
ZEC9-God will come soon and bring this promised salvation, riding a donkey. His blood will set prisoners free. That's Jesus! #HarborCBR

ZEC10-In our worst suffering, God promises to return His people from exile. He will lead and strengthen us. #HarborCBR
ZEC10,2-Mention of Assyria and Egypt sounds like this passage was pre-exile. He's telling the people not to repeat the past. #HarborCBR

ZEC11--Recounts God's judgment before the exile. Israel broke God's covenant and an awful leader will be given them. #HarborCBR

ZEC11,2-v12-14 A story picked up in the life of Jesus (Matt 26:15). 30 silver as wages received and thrown back and Potter's field. #HarborCBR
ZEC12-God's promise of restoration that (probably?) occurred with Hezekiah, who led Israel in an incredible renewal (2Ki 18ff). #HarborCBR
ZEC12,2-v10 The New Testament quotes this repentance-led restoration as happening again with Jesus in John 19:37 #HarborCBR

ZEC12,3-v12-13 describes leadership as King(David), Prophet(Nathan), and Priest(Levi). These are the three ways that Jesus leads. #HarborCBR
ZEC13-Judah's renewal will come thru removal of false prophets. Leaders will be struck down. God will judge and redeem. #HarborCBR
ZEC14-Salvation day! Jerusalem will be saved, enemies will be judged, all survivors will worship Yahweh, the city will be holy. #HarborCBR

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Haggai CBR Tweets

HAG1-Happiness/satisfaction/meaning: impossible w/o right priorities. If v5-6 is your life, v9-11 shows why. #HarborCBR
#HarborCBR Haggai begins today with City Bible Reading! This short, 2 chapter book explains why our lives feel empty and how priorities, not possessions, are the key to meaning, satisfaction, and happiness.

HAG1,2-If God isn't your first priority, nothing will lastingly satisfy. But, put Him first, and ANY kind of life can satisfy. #HarborCBR

HAG1,3-v12-13 God's people actually listen and obey! They get the best reward: God's promise: I am with you. #HarborCBR 
HAG1,4-In demanding that His house be built, God isn't being arrogant, He's being appropriate. They owe Him EVERYTHING. #HarborCBR
HAG2-The rebuilding begins, and God says "You don't have enough to finish, but trust me, I'll provide. We're in this together." #HarborCBR
HAG2,2-God: "Your sins tainted all that you 'offered' me. Going forward, because you put Me first, you'll see amazing things." #HarborCBR

HAG2,3-Zerubbabel shows that God is again leading His people and has recircled them with His family love. He's like Jesus. #HarborCBR

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