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#HarborCBR  When you get a 2nd (or 3rd,4th,...) chance w/God, how can you make sure this time it's real? Join me to find out! 

EZRA shows us that God's blessings are graciously free, and they call us into a relationship of faithfulness and devotion with Him. #HarborCBR

Ez1-God disciplines His wayward kids, but its purpose is restoration. He brings them back home, changing the heart of the Persian king! #HarborCBR

Ez1,2-Israel returns from exile in a NEW EXODUS! Leaving bondage for freedom, they leave w/the wealth of their captors (Ex 12:35-36). #HarborCBR

Ez1,3-Cyrus truly is A messiah (not THE; see Isaiah 44:28--45:6)! What a contrast amidst the parallels with Pharaoh! God is in control! #HarborCBR

Ez1,4-Thank You, Jesus for leading your people in a new Exodus from sin! TY for freeing us and making US the temple of your presence! #HarborCBR

Ez2-Exiles return to the Promised Land! Families are counted cuz they're still God's family, Priests&Levites cuz worship is central. #HarborCBR

Ez3-Israel rebuilds the altar: sacrifices & feasts center their lives around God. The temple's foundation is laid: worship is primary! #HarborCBR

Ez3,2-Why the weeping in v12? Read Haggai 2. People wrongly think small beginnings are shameful. Wrong! Be faithful & let God grow it! #HarborCBR

Ez4-What gives? All's going well, now this opposition? I thought following God meant that He would make things easy? Opposition wins. #HarborCBR

Ez5-People listen to God's word & rebuilding restarts. God thwarted the opposition! Be bold in doing God's will & see Him support you! #HarborCBR

Ez 5,2-Haggai and Zechariah have books in the Old Testament that were written during this time. They clarity the events of this time. #HarborCBR

Ez6-Great turn of events! The opponents of the temple rebuilding become its funders! God turned the tables on their evil. #HarborCBR

Ez7-inspiring story of God's hand of blessing on the life of someone devoted to God's Word! May Ezra's devotion be ours! #HarborCBR

Ez7,2-Simple but profound steps for God to use you: 1) Study His word, 2) Do His word, 3) Teach His word to others. This is leadership! #HarborCBR

Ez7,3-God's extravagant grace & Sovereign power: a Pagan king supports Ezra AND writes him a blank check to rebuild the worship of God! #HarborCBR

Ez7,4-God answers the mourning of the aged(3:12). Since they were faithful, God grew their work and gave them a glorious temple. #HarborCBR

Ez8-Ezra shows us what fasting is for: to humble ourselves and declare to God we need Him to do what we cannot do. That's the gospel! #HarborCBR

Ez8,2-I love Ezra's honesty in v22: I was ashamed to ask the king for an armed escort because I told him that God would protect us. #HarborCBR

Ez8,3-I love more that God knew the bind Ezra was in & listened to his entreaty (v23). It's great to feel like you're working WITH God. #HarborCBR

Ez9-Ezra's prayer displays Jesus, who doesn't condemn us for our sins, but confesses them & intercedes for our forgiveness and freedom! #HarborCBR

Ez9,2-God is holy & calls His people to be holy. Following Jesus at times means we live separately from others who do not follow Him. #HarborCBR

Ez10-Ezra's leadership displays Jesus: He identifies with the sinful in love, and they follow him. He came not to condemn, but to save! #HarborCBR

Ez10,2-v9 makes me smile: All the people sat before the house of God, trembling because of this matter...and because of the heavy rain. #HarborCBR

Ez10,3-Book ends with people coming clean and making things right. This is key to moving forward and changing. #HarborCBR

Ez10,4-Ezra's story-the return of exiles and centrality of worship in life. Spiritual renewal comes from studying and doing the Bible. #HarborCBR


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2nd Chronicles CBR Tweets

#HarborCBR  2CHRONICLES STARTS TODAY! 1&2Chr spans from Adam to exile to restoration. Creation, Fall, Restoration: the story of all our lives! 

2Ch-1&2Chronicles were originally one book. They were separated into 2 when they were translated into Greek in the Septuagint. #HarborCBR

2Ch,2-1&2Ch span Israel's history: Creation, Promised Land, Exile, Return. Message: when we turn back to God, His promises still apply! #HarborCBR

2Ch,3-Outline of book: Ch1-9: Solomon, Ch10-36: history of Judah's kings, Ch36: exile from Promised Land and Return. #HarborCBR

2Ch1-The glorious, perfect God asks man: "What shall I give you?"(v7) God is gracious and benevolent, our Father in heaven. #HarborCBR

2Ch1,2-Solomon asks for wisdom to lead, not wealth, honor, or long life. Impressed with his humility, God gives him all four! #HarborCBR

2Ch2-Words said of Solomon are what any leader would want to hear: "Because God loves His people, He has made you king over them." #HarborCBR

2Chr3-Solomon begins building the temple on Mount Moriah-the place where God met Abraham and saved his son. #HarborCBR http://t.co/ko1FnrVDNL

2Ch3,2- Pillars in front of the temple: Jachin (the one who establishes) Boaz (in strength). That's what God's presence does in a life. #HarborCBR

2Ch4-Furniture teaches relationship w/God: Altar-He forgives&we consecrate. Sea-He purifies. Lamps-He guides. Tables-He feeds His kids. #HarborCBR

2Ch4,2- Jesus is temple made flesh: atonement, cleansing, guidance, adoption. His work moves me to consecrate my whole life to Him. #HarborCBR

2Ch5-The ark (footstool of God's throne-1Ch28:18) rests in the temple. God blesses Solomon's construction. God lives among His people! #HarborCBR

2Ch5,2-Worship involves song & sacrifice. Both are important in celebrating God & honoring His authority. This was true then and now. #HarborCBR

2Ch5,3-7th month feast was Booths: remembering Israel's time living in tents. Fitting time to celebrate God's move from tent to temple. #HarborCBR

2Ch6-Temple dedication prayer shows how a relationship w/God looks: 7X-if ... happens & we turn to You, then hear, forgive, and heal. #HarborCBR

2Ch6,2-A great vision for a church: If we sin, are defeated, experience drought, in exile, and we turn to You: hear, forgive, and heal. #HarborCBR

2Ch6,3-v36 had special significance for the Israelites who were returning from exile. Another window into the purpose of the book. #HarborCBR

2Ch7-God accepts Israel and lives in their midst! He renews His covenant: blessings for turning to Him and curses for abandoning Him.

2Ch8-Solomon is the new Adam, taking dominion over the land-7 cities are named (following Adam in Genesis 1:28). Israel is blessed! #HarborCBR

2Ch8,2-Solomon's work on the temple isn't finished until ongoing worship is established. It's what goes on in the building that counts! #HarborCBR

2Ch8,3-Don't miss this summary of temple worship(v13): weekly, monthly, 3 annual feasts. It's Israel's history & relationship with God. #HarborCBR

2Ch9-Solomon's leadership is now blessing the world! This is God's intention for His people: to be proof that He loves the world. #HarborCBR

2Ch9,2-Let this be said of all of us, "Because God loves _________ He has put you in their lives"(from v8). #HarborCBR

2Ch9,2-Wow, Solomon's life ends w/o mention of his decline. Sometimes God inspires stories about us that DON'T include all our faults! #HarborCBR

2Ch10-The hubris of youth & abusing power. It brings division & broken relationships. Let's repent where we've done this in our lives. #HarborCBR

2Ch11-Rehoboam prospers by listening to God, working hard, and supporting spiritual leaders. Sounds like a good plan for us! #HarborCBR

2Ch11,2-v17 Thank You Jesus: Your walking 3 years in the way of God has saved me and given me strength to follow you for ALL my days! #HarborCBR

2Ch12-This trap ensnares so many: when Rehoboam was established and strong, he abandoned God. We need Him in bad times AND in good! #HarborCBR

2Ch12,2-If God saves us in the bad times, why abandon Him when they pass? Let the good bring you closer to the Giver of good (Ja 1:17)! #HarborCBR

2Ch12,3-Rehoboam shows God's goodness. He disciplines His children, but if they humble themselves and turn back, He forgives. #HarborCBR

2Ch13-Abijah(Judah) prevailed over Jeroboam(Israel) vs. impossible odds because "he relied on the LORD." How can you rely on God today? #HarborCBR

2Ch13,2-Relying on God includes daily worship and active faith in the real circumstances of life. #HarborCBR

2Ch13,3-Priests' work summary: 1)Burnt offering-consecration, 2)Incense-prayers, 3)Showbread-eat w/God, 4)Lampstands-Shine God's truth. #HarborCBR

2Ch14-Asa reigns in Judah. He has peace & great victory because he lived for God. God's peace often comes before circumstances change. #HarborCBR

2Ch15-Great words to Asa and us: The LORD is with you while you are with Him. If you seek Him, He will be found by you!" #HarborCBR

2Ch15,2-Impact of God's presence: Asa took courage, removed idols from Judah, & repaired the place of worship. How does it impact you? #HarborCBR

2Ch15,3-After Asa turned himself & Israel to God, God brought many more. God entrusts more people to those who can lead them well. #HarborCBR

2Ch16-Asa what happened? He stumbled into the grave. Do you want the last 2 things about your life to be how you failed to seek God? #HarborCBR

2Ch17-Jehoshaphat reigns. God's power was with him because He courageously walked in God's ways. How does courage appear in your life? #HarborCBR

2Ch17,2-Jehoshaphat taught the people God's ways. How does your life help others to know God better? #HarborCBR

2Ch18-Judah and Israel have a chance to unite, but Ahab(king of Israel) won't listen to God. W/o God, Ahab learns that no plan is safe. #HarborCBR

2Ch18,2-v23 sounds a lot like Luke 22:64. Jesus like Micaiah means Israel in His day was as corrupt as Israel in Ahab's day. #HarborCBR

2Ch19-v6 speaks to all of us who have work to do: "Consider what you do, for you [work] not for man but for the Lord. He is with you." #HarborCBR

2Ch19-v7 how to work for God: care about your work, avoid injustice, don't show partiality or take bribes. These display Jesus at work! #HarborCBR

2Ch20-Jehoshaphat leads well: when afraid, he prays & trusts, & God performs a miracle. Remembering God gives him [and us] strength. #HarborCBR

2Ch20,2-Verse 12 is a prayer of great faith: "We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you." #HarborCBR

2Ch21-King Jehoram drags Judah into evil, radically abusing his power. He brings curse on the nation, his family, and his life. #HarborCBR

2Ch21,2-May what was said after Jehoram's funeral never be said of you: "He departed with no one's regret." Selfishness kills. #HarborCBR

2Chr21,3-God's grace in v7! "Yet the LORD was not willing to destroy the house of David, because of the covenant he made with David." #HarborCBR

2Ch22-Ahaziah's evil brings curse. His mom, Athaliah, takes over, killing all heirs. She is Pharaoh, and Judah has become Egypt (Ex 1). #HarborCBR

2Ch22,2-Jehoshabeath rescues Joash from the slaughter of children, like Moses' mom & sister (Ex 2). Will Joash become a new Moses? #HarborCBR

2Ch22,3-Ahaziah is an alternate spelling of Jehoahaz (ch 21:17). #HarborCBR

2Ch23-Jehoiada the priest takes bold steps to replace the tyrannical Athaliah and re-establish God's rule in Israel. He succeeds! #HarborCBR

2Ch23,2-Thank You Jesus for defeating the sin and ruled over me! Now You reign over my life, and I have joy and peace! #HarborCBR #Thanksgiving

2Ch24-Joash illustrates 2Tim 2:23- We follow Jesus IN COMMUNITY. W/Jehoiada's counsel, Joash was an all-star. W/o it, he forsook God. #HarborCBR

2Ch25-Ever fear that following God will lose you money? v9 answers: "The LORD is able to give you much more than this." Great news! #HarborCBR

2Ch25,2-Victory from God should produce grateful humility, NOT hubris. #HarborCBR

2Ch25,3-Amaziah rose and fell based on whether or not he would listen to God's word. So do we. #HarborCBR

2Ch26-Uzziah's name means "Yahweh is my strength," yet when God made him strong, he grew arrogant and betrayed God. #HarborCBR

2Ch27-Jotham: different king, same message--"Jothan became mighty, because he ordered his ways before the LORD his God"(v6). #HarborCBR

2Ch28-Leaders who falter produce leaders who fail. Ahaz fails in looking to other kings and other gods for help, but not the LORD. #HarborCBR

2Ch28,2-Ironic that the Israel in the north, who has forsaken God, listens to Him and obeys Him, while Ahaz doesn't. #HarborCBR

2Ch29-Hezekiah restores Judah! Restoration begins with worship. Knowing God brings renewal for people and for nations. #HarborCBR

2Ch29,2-v10 "make a covenant with the LORD, so that his fierce anger may turn away from us." Jesus took God's anger on the cross. #HarborCBR

2Ch29,3-4 roles of OT priests: Stand in God's presence, minister to God, be His ministers (to others), make offerings to him. #HarborCBR

2Ch29,4-All Levitical offerings performed: burnt, sin, thank, peace, & drink offerings. Together, they teach how to relate to God. #HarborCBR

2Ch30-Hezekiah's restoration continues w/the re-institution of the Passover. Remembering past salvation gives us JOY in the present! #HarborCBR

2Ch30,2-v9 IF you return to God, your family will find compassion. God's grace & mercy won't turn from you, IF you return to Him. #HarborCBR

2Ch30,3-Hezekiah invites the North to Passover! Most laugh & mock, but some who humbled themselves come. Can you humbly hear from God? #HarborCBR

2Ch30,4-v16-20 Sinful people need 2 things to be accepted by God: 1)A mediator to ask for forgiveness, 2)A forgiving God. WE HAVE BOTH! #HarborCBR

2Ch30,5-Passover brings "Gladness, rejoicing, great joy." The people "sang with all their might to God"(v21). Have you ever done this? #HarborCBR

2Ch31-Hezekiah's reforms continue: ensuring ongoing worship, and making sure the spiritual leaders are cared for. Purpose of the tithe! #HarborCBR

2Ch32-Hezekiah's faith conquers fear: "Don't be afraid of Assyria-they are flesh, but with us is God, to help us & fight our battles." #HarborCBR

2Ch32,2-Assyria's king's arrogance & defiance are EASILY dismissed by God's incredible power. Why do we fear? His love casts out fear. #HarborCBR

2Ch33-God's forgiveness > our sin! "When he was in distress, he humbled himself greatly before God, and God and restored him"(v12-13). #HarborCBR

2Ch33,2-Manasseh is a great example of why kids shouldn't have too much power (12 yr old kings are trouble). #HarborCBR

2Ch33,3-"God was moved by his entreaty and heard his plea"(v13). God is good. #HarborCBR

2Ch33,4-Repentance PRECEDES AND PRODUCES certainty!! It wasn't until AFTER Manasseh repented that he KNEW that the LORD was God (v13). #HarborCBR

2Ch34-King Josiah shows how to rekindle your relationship w/God: 1.Seek Him, 2.Purge idols, 3.Worship God, 4.Bible, 5.Renew Covenant. #HarborCBR

2Ch34,2-By the way, we do all five of these things EVERY Sunday in our services! #SundayWorshipIsSpecial #HarborCBR

2Ch34,3-Josiah: great example that children CAN be trusted w/power. Simple difference between Josiah & Manasseh? Josiah sought God v3. #HarborCBR

2Ch35-Josiah reinstitutes Passover: Israel's Independence Day! Freed from bondage! Adopted by God! Today, Jesus is our Passover lamb! #HarborCBR

2Ch36-Ends w/this: God brings discipline AND restoration so that we would know His love & grace, and live our lives serving Him. #HarborCBR

2Ch36,2-v15-16: God's judgment & wrath NEVER come w/o PERSISTENTLY warning people to come back. Jeremiah pleaded w/Judah for 40 years! #HarborCBR

2Ch36,3-Enigmatic Sabbath reference (v21) highlights Israel's disregard for God's ways. From the warnings of Jeremiah 25:11-12. #HarborCBR


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