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#HarborCBR  1&2Chr spans from Adam to exile. When you want to come back to God, are His promises still available? 1&2Chr answers YES!

1Ch1-Genealogy: boring to us, but not to Israel returning from exile. Shows it's still the same nation, so God's promises still apply! #HarborCBR

1Ch2-If you're bored, be honest, & ask God to teach you something. I look for 1)Big picture purpose, 2)Comments between the names. #HarborCBR

1Ch2,2-1)Big picture: Israel to David-kingly line. 2)Comments: Er & Achan-our sins affect others. Jesus' righteousness affects us! #HarborCBR

1Ch3-1)Big picture: David is multiplying and filling the land(Gen1:28). Sin in his line moves me to fill SD w/disciples of Jesus. #HarborCBR

1Ch4-1)Judah & Simeon fill the land, comforting their descendants who are returning from exile that they are still in God's family. #HarborCBR

1Ch4,2-2)I never read the book, but the prayer of Jabez is a great prayer for those wanting their life to SHOW and SHARE God's kingdom. #HarborCBR

1Ch5-1)Rueben,Gad,Manasseh--tribes who lived on the other side of Jordan. Their descendants are still part of God's family. #HarborCBR

1Ch5,2-2)Sin forfeits blessings for Reuben, the 1stborn of Israel(v1-2), and for the nation(v25-26). Highlights our need for a savior! #HarborCBR

Nothing like The Mission in the morning. With Jorge Marquez. #DOFLSD http://t.co/C0DgY69NeC

1Chr6-The Levites managed the worship in Israel. They are in the center of the genealogy because worship is at the center of life. #HarborCBR

1Chr7-Final 6 tribes emphasizing their military genealogical records. These assured their descendants they were genuine family members. #HarborCBR

1Chr8-Bejamin's line highlights Jesus: Ehud(6)--Savior, Saul (33)--King, Jonathan (34)--Humble Servant. Jesus is worth following. #HarborCBR

1Chr9-Returning Israel IS the same family that was exiled, so God's promises still apply! This return is a new Exodus. #HarborCBR

1Chr9,2-v1 The exile was because of Israel's "breach of faith." For us, Jesus stood in that breach to bring us back to God. #HarborCBR

1Chr10-Genealogical history slows down w/Saul's death. 1&2Chronicles will review from Saul to exile to restoration. Theme: Walk w/God. #HarborCBR

1Chr10,2-The cause of Saul's death(v13) = the cause of Israel's exile(9:1): breach of faith. Fate of the leader = fate of the team. #HarborCBR

1Chr11-David replaces Saul. David's mighty men show the power of God in people. Great deeds require great faith-we must step out. #HarborCBR

1Chr12-God blessed David's faithfulness. The best people from every tribe in Israel gathered to make him king. #HarborCBR

1Chr13-David brings the ark to Jerusalem. David wanted God to reign over him as he reigned over the people. Great humility. #HarborCBR

1Chr13,2-David & all Israel worshiped God "with all their might"(v8). Do you exert "effort" in your worship? Worship should stretch us! #HarborCBR

1Chr13,3-Uzzah's death is startling. God cares much more than we seem to when His law isn't followed. Numbers 4 on how to move the ark. #HarborCBR

1Chr13,4-If you feel anger at God and fear of Him over this story, you're not alone. David did too (v11-12). The Bible is honest. #HarborCBR

1Chr14-Polygamy now = civil war later. Yet God was with David, despite his sin, and the nations are becoming his inheritance (Ps 2:8). #HarborCBR

1Chr15-David shows that they should have known better with the ark. Musical worship is established with a music director! #HarborCBR

1Chr15,2-Musical instruments were designed to "raise sounds of joy"(v16). That they do! #HarborCBR

1Chr16-Tabernacle officially begins. David leaves the experience to go home and bless his household. He's blessed to be a blessing. #HarborCBR

1Chr16,2-v4 Ministers invoke, thank, and praise God in worship. #HarborCBR

1Chr16,3-A hymn is remembered + 2 verses added for "Exile Edition:" reminding those returning from exile that this is their story too. #HarborCBR

1Chr17-The story of David's experience of God, plus the response of humility and worship that such blessings evoke. What's your story? #HarborCBR

1Chr18-David's military success blesses God's people and judges God's enemies. His list of officials shows that no leader leads alone. #HarborCBR

1Chr19-David's good: misunderstood. His people: humiliated. God avenges them, giving victory over David's enemies & hired enemy armies. #HarborCBR

1Chr19,2-Joab's prayer is fantastic: "Let's use our strength for our people. May God do what seems good to Him." Great effort & trust! #HarborCBR

1Chr19,3-(from v4-7) Sin is our enemy. It humiliates us and shames us. O Father, please forgive us and set us free! #HarborCBR

1Chr19,4-Jesus was humiliated in His suffering unto death. Humiliated because of our sin. We are renewed because of His righteousness. #HarborCBR

1Chr20-The summary of David's victories concludes w/the Ammonites & Philistines. God's power and presence gives us victory too! #HarborCBR

1Chr21-David's sin brings condemnation&death to his people (like Adam in Rom 5). BUT Jesus' righteousness brings justification&life! #HarborCBR

1Chr22-David knows he's not called to build God's temple, but he can't stop himself from helping to make sure it happens! #HarborCBR

1Chr22,2-God's temple "must be exceedingly magnificent, of fame and glory thruout all lands"(v5). If CHRISTIANS are now God's temple... #HarborCBR

1Chr22,3-David ensures that his son gets the encouragement he needs from others(v17). We all need this, don't we? I sure do. #HarborCBR

1Chr22,4-A great word to us all on Monday morning from v16: "Arise and work! The LORD be with you!" God cares about your work! #HarborCBR

1Chr23-Having provided for the temple itself, David now organizes the Levites who serve there. People + temple = relationship with God. #HarborCBR

1Chr23,2-4 jobs in the temple: intercede b/t God & men, lead/judge, guard the space, praise God w/musical instruments. #HarborCBR

1Chr24-The 24k priests split into 24 groups for year-round service. Names remind the returned-exiles who is to conduct temple worship. #HarborCBR

1Chr25-temple musicians sorted into 24 groups (as the priests in ch24). God doesn't want community worship w/o music! Neither do we! #HarborCBR

1Chr25,2-Job of musicians? PROPHESYING! 3 times it says words to music speak God's word to people. No wonder music is so powerful! #HarborCBR

1Chr26-Organizing Gatekeepers(to protect the temple), Financial Stewards(to wisely manage gifts), & Local Rulers(for good governing). #HarborCBR

1Chr26,2-Honestly, not the most exciting to read, but we now see that 23:2-6 is the summary outline of ch23-26. That helps a little. #HarborCBR

1Chr27-Military, CTO's(chief tribe officers), King's Stewards-all in groups of 12. King's cabinet has 7 names. All vital for a country. #HarborCBR

1Chr27,2-Military: protection, CTO's: rule, Stewards: manage wealth, Cabinet: provide wisdom. God provides these through people! #HarborCBR

1Chr28- King David charges the nation and the next king: Great blessing is yours, walk in it by walking with God. God is with you! #HarborCBR

1Chr28,2- In the temple God's throne is a chariot. Ezekiel saw this (Eze 1). God leads and defends His people, so they can have rest. #HarborCBR

1Chr29-How do you do the Adoration step in CBR? Read verses 10-14! Adoration is being moved by who God is and what He does #HarborCBR

1Chr29,2-What kind of blessings in your life would make you give financially to God with extravagant generosity? #HarborCBR


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2nd Kings CBR Tweets

#HarborCBR  2Kings is the continued account of the demise of God's people shows life cut off from God and his blessings. 

2Ki1-King Ahaziah brings judgment for pursuing false gods. Elijah's actions explain John the Baptist's "baptism of fire"(Luke 3:16). #HarborCBR

2Ki2-God takes Elijah to heaven, and continues to bless Israel with Elisha, his successor. Elisha literally follows Elijah's footsteps. #HarborCBR

2Ki3-Israel (north) and Judah (south) join forces. God blesses faithful Judah, while humbling rebellious Israel... in the same war. #HarborCBR

2Ki4-Elisha is the new Elijah. In raising the widow's son, he pictures Jesus, who didn't just lay on us, but died to raise us. #HarborCBR

2Ki5-Naaman's imperfect faith in God's promise cleanses him. Gehazi's greed-driven, spiritual abuse brings a curse upon himself. #HarborCBR

2Ki6-Elisha sees the world as God sees it, and his life is characterized by the miraculous. #HarborCBR

2Ki7-Poor, dying lepers discover 1st that God conquered Israel's enemies. Their response can be ours: "This is a day of good news!" #HarborCBR

2Ki8-The kings of Syria and Judah are judged for their evil rule. Judah follows follows Israel's evil because of royal intermarriage. #HarborCBR

2Ki9-Jehu takes over and a bloodbath ensues. The kings of Judah and Israel are destroyed, and the rest of the house of Ahab. #HarborCBR

2Ki10-The bloodbath continues as Jehu brings an end to the oppressive political and spiritual leadership over God's people. #HarborCBR

2Ki11-Athaliah murders to become queen. One heir is hidden until he comes of age. 6 yrs later the priests anoint him&execute the queen. #HarborCBR

2Ki11,2-This political chaos reminds me that God will punish evil rulers. I'm thankful that Jesus' leadership is worth following. #HarborCBR

2Ki12-Joash begins to restore Judah by honoring God's house. But Judah lives under Syrian oppression. #HarborCBR http://t.co/hx1q9NoFBj

2Ki13-North & South have evil kings, yet God's favor rests on those who seek Him, because of His gracious promises. #HarborCBR

2Ki13,2-Elisha's death brings resurrection to the one who dies w/him. The same is true for us with Jesus (Romans 6). #HarborCBR #soundslikeJesus

2Ki14-Judah's good king tasted success, but in pride over-estimated himself. Israel's evil king was used by God to preserve Israel. #HarborCBR

2Ki15-chaos reigns in Israel w/assassinations. Hints that Judah is not far behind. Where is leadership worth following? #HarborCBR

2Ki16-Ahaz, king of Judah, seeks help from & bows to Assyria instead of God, even desecrating the temple to resemble Assyrian worship. #HarborCBR

2Ki17-Israel is exiled from the land, conquered by Assyria. God's judgment comes from Israel's lengthy, repeated, egregious, evil. #HarborCBR

2Ki17,2-Judgment highlights God's patience. God doesn't fly off the handle, He judges those who repeatedly refuse to turn back to Him. #HarborCBR

2Ki17,3-v23 shows 2Kings was written during Israel's exile in Assyria(721BC). It's perspective sweeps 250 years (from 970BC). #HarborCBR

2Ki18-While Israel reels under exile, Judah gets a great king. Hezekiah honors God and humbles himself as enemies seek his destruction. #HarborCBR

2Ki19-Hezekiah prays his fear to God. The key: he focuses on God's glory, not his own. A miraculous victory without lifting a finger! #HarborCBR

2Ki20-Hezekiah's prayer is miraculously answered again, yet his life ends with arrogance and a lack of concern for future generations. #HarborCBR

2Ki21-Manasseh's rampant evil likely resulted from his father's latter-days arrogance. How parents finish life impacts their children. #HarborCBR

2Ki22-King Josiah finds a Bible! He's humbled to see how far he is from God, but he's drawn back to the joy of life close to God. #HarborCBR

2Ki23-King Josiah renews covenant w/God & removes false worship from all Israel. Made me want to remove sin from everywhere in my life. #HarborCBR

2Ki24-Good Josiah is succeeded by evil sons, who bring an end to Judah. God brings Babylon to conquer and exile His people. #HarborCBR

2Ki25-Ends w/the fall of Jerusalem and its temple. God's people are exiled for their repeated, egregious unfaithfulness. #HarborCBR

2Ki25,2-Where is God in the exile of Israel? He's been there all along. His presence was constant, The people were the ones who left. #HarborCBR


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