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1st Kings CBR Tweets

#HarborCBR  As a nation declines, have you ever wondered: Where is God? How'd we get here? 1-2Kings answers this for ancient Israel. 

1Ki1-David's lack of leadership with his succession causes confusion among his sons and the people. Leaders need to lead. #HarborCBR

1Ki 2-David's final wisdom to heir Solomon: Honor God. Remove what threatens the health of the kingdom. Is doing the 2nd doing the 1st? #HarborCBR

1Ki3-Prosperity, peace, and justice for all come from leaders who want wisdom more than their own personal success. #HarborCBR

1Ki3,2-Solomon asks for the knowledge of good and evil. This is maturity to lead, clarifying the infamous tree in the garden of Eden. #HarborCBR

1Ki4-In Solomon's reign God's promises come true. v20 fulfills Genesis 22&32. v34 Israel blesses the nations. #HarborCBR http://t.co/eqXPzC13LI

1Ki5-God gave Solomon rest, and Solomon gave God his best. #HarborCBR

1Ki6-Solomon builds the temple. v12-13 are key: God dwells with those who honor Him. #HarborCBR

1Ki7-Solomon builds his house next to God's. May God's presence be just as close to us in our lives. #HarborCBR http://t.co/8X3PmuJOze

1Ki8-Solomon hosts a national feast, the ark enters the temple, the people dedicate themselves to God. Solomon's prayer is powerful. #HarborCBR

1Ki8,2-Solomon's 7-fold request? Forgiveness. An amazing reflection of God's loving-kindness toward us. His love free us to honesty. #HarborCBR

1Ki9-v3-"God's eyes and heart" are in the temple. Amazing, especially when Jesus makes US the new temple. He sees and feels through us! #HarborCBR

1Ki9,2-To my dispensational friends: v3-9 Forever in God's covenants requires relationship. W/o relationship, you lose the promise. #HarborCBR

1Ki10-Solomon's wisdom blesses the nations, drawing them to bless his God. Israel's destiny to bless the nations is coming true. #HarborCBR

1Ki11--O how the mighty fall. Lust and pride separate us from God. They destroy our influence and lead to conflict and war. #HarborCBR

1Ki12-Solomon's sin divides Israel. Rehoboam is Pharaoh-Ex 5. Jeroboam is Aaron-Ex 32. 2 bad options. #HarborCBR http://t.co/428lJ9rIfp

1Ki13-In Jeroboam's Israel, the king & prophet deceive and lead the people astray WITH THEIR RELIGION! Bad religion corrupts society. #HarborCBR

1Ki 14-God offered life in relationship to both the North (Israel) and the South (Judah). Both rejected both. The spiral down begins. #HarborCBR

1Ki15-v3-5 Gospel hope/joy as society falls: God's grace comes because of the righteousness of another. It's still true (2Cor 5:21)! #HarborCBR

1Ki16-Chaos reigns in Israel: murder, conspiracy, civil war. Comes from leaders who worship stuff and self. May we live differently! #HarborCBR

1Ki17-Elijah announces the curse on Ahab's evil and brings God's resurrection life & provision to a widow. Seems like a new beginning. #HarborCBR

1Ki18-Wow. How sweet it is to call your shot! From one widow to this, God is rebuilding a nation, turning them back to Him. #HarborCBR

1Ki19-Elijah is Moses (Horeb is Sinai). God has no new covenant, but in "silence" sends Elijah back to work within Israel. #HarborCBR

1Ki20-God gave victory to Ahab, so Ahab would know Him. God's kindness leads us back to Him. But Ahab ignored the giver of this gift. #HarborCBR

1Ki21-Selfish abuse of power God justly condemns. But when anyone humbles themselves, God gives great grace (see also 1Peter 5:5). #HarborCBR

1Ki22-Ahab's humility disintegrates when the truth hurts. Hope fails as kings cut themselves (and the nation) off from God. #HarborCBR


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2nd Samuel CBR Tweets

#HarborCBR   When you finally get what you've been waiting for, how do you handle it? See & learn from how David responds in 2Samuel. 

2Sam1-David mourns Saul's death & celebrates his life: a huge re-defining of the king's role in Israel. Remarkable forgiveness & honor. #HarborCBR

2Sam1,2-David teaches the people to honor & celebrate the good in Saul. Oh, to have leaders that celebrate their political opponents! #HarborCBR

2Sam2-David anointed king of Judah (finally)! He honors those who honor Saul (revolutionary). Civil war erupts (not all want David). #HarborCBR

2Sam2,2-Not shocking that the leader of Saul's army might want a shot at staying in power. His head is on the chopping block anyway. #HarborCBR

2Sam2,3-Often getting what you want isn't simple. David's rise to the throne has more roadblocks ahead. A new kind of faith is needed. #HarborCBR

2Sam3-Verse 1 is huge. Often God's victory comes over the long haul: consistent effort and faithfulness bring incremental victory. #HarborCBR

2Sam3,2-Clear window into David's mind: He knows if he sins to become king, then his reign will be sinful. The means shape the ends. #HarborCBR

2Sam4-EVERYONE thinks David wants the old king's house dead, EXCEPT David. By trusting God David is changing politics in Israel. #HarborCBR

2Sam4,2-Verse 9 is everything. After seeing God care for him for decades in seeking the throne, David won't stop now. #HarborCBR

2Sam5-David never seized the kingdom. He humbled himself and served Israel. Therefore God exalted him and gave the kingdom to him. #HarborCBR

2Sam5,2-see Phil 2:9-11-Jesus didn't exploit his equality w/God, but humbled Himself, becoming a servant. God made Him king over all. #HarborCBR

2Sam6-God's throne is holy. It inspires fear when it's mishandled, but it brings great celebration when it is honored. Throne=Presence #HarborCBR

2Sam7-An exhilarating exchange: God's incredible promises in David's past, present, future. David's humble gratitude. Relationship! #HarborCBR

2Sam8-Powered by God's covenant

David rules the land w/truth & grace.

He comes to make God's blessings flow 

far as the curse is found. #HarborCBR"

2Sam9-Hope for the world! David's adopting love reflects God. Can we show love and invite others to the king's table? Jesus has with us!#HarborCBR

2Ssam9,2-It's just a coincidence, but it's not a coincidence that this chapter coincides with Luke 15. David reflects the Father. #HarborCBR

2Sam10-David's kingdom grows as God gives him victory not only over the nations, but now over the Syrians-powerful overlords. #HarborCBR

2Sam11-After admiring David so much thru this read of 1-2Samuel, I hoped ch11 would turn out differently than past reads. It didn't :(. #HarborCBR

2Sam11,2-Power can corrupt. Entitlement is an attitude that will destroy the self and others. This evil will not go unpunished. #HarborCBR

2Sam12-David's intervention: direct. The judgment: suitably harsh. If you think the forgiveness was too quick, Psalm 51 is behind v13. #HarborCBR

2Sam13-David's sins (ch11) paved the way for his son to follow. Parents who _____ have kids who _____. + lust is about power, not love. #HarborCBR

2Sam14-David is torn between: 1) giving Absolom the grace he received, 2) not honoring Absolom's Saul-like revenge. Ab is David's heir. #HarborCBR

2Sam15-Amnon repeated David's sexual sin. Absolom repeated David's conspiracy and murder sin. Consequences are often God's discipline. #HarborCBR

2Sam15,2-David doesn't seek revenge on Absolom, maybe because he sees himself in Ab's sins. Instead, David's faith trusts God (v25-26). #HarborCBR

2Sam16-David again on the run, betrayed by family and now friends. Incredible humility he has to see he might deserve Shimei's curses. #HarborCBR

2Sam17-David on the run, God provides abundantly for him, and thwarts the plans of Absalom. David has the right man on his side! #HarborCBR

2Sam18-David treats Absolom like Saul: unwilling to kill him. He is wrecked over Absolom's death, showing God's heart toward sinners. #HarborCBR

2Sam19-David returns to Jerusalem as king. As he comes under the reunited nation, seeds of division between Israel and Judah are sown. #HarborCBR

2Sam20-Civil war erupts as Israel sets itself against Judah. People take sides. A wise woman saves a city harboring the rebel leader. #HarborCBR

2Sam21-Bookends: from David's early days as king, redeeming the sins of Saul, to David's last days in battle. He lived God's victory! #HarborCBR

2Sam22-David invites us to experience God's incredible victory in our lives, by praying and rehearsing God's victory in his. #HarborCBR

2Sam22,2-v21-28 you probably wouldn't hear in a Presbyterian church. David reflects on how God increases those who walk in integrity. #HarborCBR

2Sam23-May all leaders live v3-4: "When one rules justly over men, he dawns on them like morning light, like rain that brings growth." #HarborCBR

2Sam23,2-Honest words about boundaries for leaders in v6-7. Some people are more difficult to lead than others. That's wise to admit. #HarborCBR

2Sa23,3-David's mighty men. These studs are the Navy Seals of Israel. This kind of man is in every generation, and must be celebrated. #HarborCBR

2Sam24-Very confusing end to 2Sam: Angry w/Israel, God incites David to sin. God judges. David confesses. God relents. David worships. #HarborCBR


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