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1st Samuel CBR Tweets

#HarborCBR  God brings hope and national renewal through imperfect people. What might God do through you? Read 1Samuel! 

1Sam1-God hears the cry of a barren woman. Her devotion models what the nation should be. Eli's ignorance models what the nation is. #HarborCBR

1Sam2-Hannah's worship of God & care for her son produce a growing leader. Eli's sons' show God will judge bad leaders (eventually). #HarborCBR

1Sam3-Israel's leaders are in darkness, but Samuel hears God and begins restoring Israel. His word both blesses and curses. #HarborCBR

1Sam4-God humiliates Himself in battle to remove Israel's corrupt leadership. God prepares the way for Samuel. #HarborCBR http://t.co/B0ukh8l0py

1Sam4,2-God's reputation as powerful is humiliated so His people could be saved from corruption. #SoundsLikeJesus #HarborCBR

1Sam5-Israel is humbled in defeat, but God is exalted among His enemies. They fear Him more than His own people! #HarborCBR http://t.co/CQBR4CLbpQ

1Sam6-The ark returns to Israel and people worship. But mis-handling the ark brings judgment, which was why Israel originally lost it. #HarborCBR

1Sam7-Samuel calls Israel to return to God. He has to tell them (AGAIN?!) to stop worshiping other gods. Why are they (and we) so slow? #HarborCBR

1Sam8-Monumental change in history as Israel asks for a king. Only two people see what is really going on: Samuel and God. #HarborCBR

1Sam8,2-Biggest diff b/t king and judge? Judge = temporary, king = permanent. Judges are needed when people stray, but God is king. #HarborCBR

1Sam8,3-Samuel sees Israel's rejection of God. God comforts Samuel, and graciously gives in to Israel's request. #wowGodiskind #HarborCBR

1Sam9-Israel's king to do two things: 1)Save the people from enemy oppression. 2)Restrain people from sin. #SoundslikeJesus #HarborCBR

1Sam10-Saul is anointed king. God equips him with a new heart and Spirit to lead AND God confronts Israel with their rejection of Him. #HarborCBR

1Sam10,2-It stretches me to see God bless a leader and at the same time confront the people being led. #HarborCBR

1Sam11-Saul is filled with God's presence, and shows strong leadership: power to rescue Israel AND grace to his detractors (like God). #HarborCBR

1Sam12-Samuel's time ends. Though Israel has chosen the worst, God will be with them IF they serve Him going forward. #hopeforustoo #HarborCBR

1Sam13-Saul's fails as king, acting above God's law. Leaders' authority is to serve God and people, not to do what they please. #HarborCBR

1Sam14-Jonathan great faith brings success, while Saul continues to fail as king. Will son replace father on the throne? #HarborCBR

1Sam15-Saul's fall is complete. His excuses are hollow. He follows God only when it suits him. May we serve God with our whole heart! #HarborCBR

1Sam16-God replaces Saul with a new leader-David-who has the one thing God looks for in a leader: a heart devoted to Him. #HarborCBR

1Sam16,2-Replacing a king takes time. God is more patient than we are. He puts David into Saul's court to get the experience he needs. #HarborCBR

1Sam17-There are 40 sheckles to a pound. So Goliath's armor weighed 125lbs, and the tip of his spear was 15lbs. #whentriviaishelpful #HarborCBR

1Sam17,2-Anointed David shows great faith in challenging Goliath. He fights for God's honor, and with God's presence. His God is ours! #HarborCBR

1Sam17,3-David's victory over Goliath meant salvation for all of Israel! They do nothing but watch, and they win! #likeusandJesus #HarborCBR

1Sam17,4-David is anointed & then conquers the great enemy in ch16-17. Jesus is anointed & then conquers the Great Enemy in Mt 3-4. #HarborCBR

1Sam17,5-Years ago Jan Fokkelman convinced me that David hit Goliath in the KNEE! (not the forehead). http://t.co/Eo5kz00F12 #shocking! #HarborCBR

1Sam18-Into the radical tension of David's mission: honor the king & replace the king, God gives him the greatest gift: Jonathan. #HarborCBR

1Sam18,2-The destructive power of jealousy! It produces hatred, murder, manipulation, and blinds us to what God is doing in OUR lives. #HarborCBR

1Sam19-Jealousy takes over more of Saul, destroying him inside. God protects David through courageous friend-Jonathan & wife-Michal. #HarborCBR

1Sam19,2-How much does jealousy control you? What does it make you think about and do that would be time/energy better spent elsewhere? #HarborCBR

1Sam20-Forced to flee, David's faith in God is shaken, but then bolstered by Jonathan, ironically, since J is heir to Saul's throne. #HarborCBR

1Sam20,2-Who in your life needs your devoted committed love? Who needs you to bolster their faith? #beajonathan #bexmastoanother #HarborCBR

1Sam21-As David flees into uncertainty, God provides for him through a priest. David is threatened by enemies in and out of Israel. #HarborCBR

1Sam22-David is exiled. Many join him, seeking a leader who can save the nation from Saul. David's suffering is Israel's suffering. #HarborCBR

1Sam22,2-That last tweet sounds just like Jesus, who entered our suffering to lead us to freedom. #HarborCBR

1Sam22,3-A purpose in suffering: to connect to others who are suffering. The strength God gives you to endure can give others strength. #HarborCBR

1Sam23-What does David do 3 times that Saul never did? He "inquired of the Lord." When you don't know what to do, ask God! James 1:5 #HarborCBR

1Sam23,2-In exile, David saves a city, defeats the Philistines, renews covenant w/Jonathan, and watched God save him "by coincidence." #HarborCBR

1Sam24-You can't fully appreciate this scene without remembering ch18-23: Saul had been guilty of jealousy, rage, murder against David. #HarborCBR

1Sam24,2-In a pivotal, defining moment, David puts his honor for God above his desire for revenge. He trusts God to judge. #HarborCBR

1Sam25-David's impressive character w/the king is absent w/a commoner. Thank God for Abigail, whose saves him and his kingship. #HarborCBR

1Sam26-Again David trusts God to judge(v10-11). He refuses to sin to get ahead. This stretches my faith. We need leaders like this. #HarborCBR

1Sam27-Again David flees Saul to the Philistines. God provides & David continues to save Israel from oppression. #HarborCBR http://t.co/YLRf1FVMI1

1Sam28-Tension builds: David joins the army fighting Israel & Saul's death is predicted. Will David kill Saul? Will he betray Achish? #HarborCBR

1Sam28,2-Saul is desperate & hopeless. He seeks the demonic to connect with God, but he's unwilling to obey the God he's seeking. #HarborCBR

1Sam28,3-We notice God's silence most when life is hard. His silence is often because we've moved away from Him, or pushed Him away. #HarborCBR

1Sam 29-God resolves the tension of David in the Philistine army by removing him. David won't be tempted to harm Saul (or blamed). #HarborCBR

1Sam30-We learn why God took David out of battle: to rescue his family and city. God's grace is seen in David's generosity to all. #HarborCBR

1Sam30,2-When we see God's purpose in this, it helps us to trust Him when things don't work out the way we want them to in our lives. #HarborCBR

1Sam31-The book ends with the death of Saul and his sons. Sadly Saul's desecration is a public display of what he became on the inside. #HarborCBR


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Ruth CBR Tweets

#HarborCBR  RUTH STARTS TOMORROW! How does God move us from despair to abundance? Read Ruth's 4 chapters and by Tuesday you will know the answer! 

Ru1-Despair to abundance begins with a FRIEND whose devotion weathers the fiercest storms of life. Ruth pictures Jesus' faithful love. #HarborCBR

Ru2-Dspr to abndnc grows w/FAITHFULNESS. Ruth's provides for Noami as Jesus' provides for us. Boaz blesses Ruth's as God blesses ours. #HarborCBR

Ru3-Despair to abundance grows with FAITH. Ruth steps out [will you?] and Boaz agrees to redeem her (but will he be able to?-tension!) #HarborCBR

Ru4-Despair to abundance completes with REDEMPTION. Boaz binds his life to Ruth, as Jesus does to us in his death and resurrection. #HarborCBR

Ru4,2-Naomi's 10 yrs of despair are redeemed w/10 generations leading to the King of Israel. All thru a friend, faithfulness, & faith. #HarborCBR


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