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#HarborCBR  Does life feel like an endless cycle of ups and downs? Judges has the answer if you can make it to the end! 

Jud1-Ominous seeds in Joshua(15:63;16:10;17:12) take center stage here. God gave great promises. Israel didn't walk in them fully. #HarborCBR

Jud1,2-What promises from God are you not walking in fully? Life's ups & downs can stem from this. Judges has the answer (at the end)! #HarborCBR

Jud2-Israel, what happened? As you received God's gifts, you cheated on Him. Even after he rescued you, you weren't faithful. Are we? #HarborCBR

Jud3-God now uses Israel's sin to bring them back. The situation they've created tests them to see if they will turn back to God. #HarborCBR

Jud3,2-A cycle begins that repeats 12 times (that # is significant): sin, oppression, cry, deliverer, salvation, rest. We can relate. #HarborCBR

Jud4-God rescues Israel thru Deborah & Barak, a humanly impossible victory (iron chariots were tanks back then). That's what God does. #HarborCBR

Jud5-Jael is exalted for her contribution to Israel's victory. This is the woman crushing the head of the serpent (see Genesis 3:15). #HarborCBR

Jud5,2-v2That the leaders took the lead, that the people offered themselves willingly, bless the LORD! Willing service is eternal life!#HarborCBR

Jud6-Gideon: "God, how can I do this?" God: "Gideon, I will be with you." 'nuff said. #HarborCBR

Jud7-God does the impossible. Gideon's impossible victory: 300 with trumpet, jar, and torch defeat an entire army. Let us go in faith! #HarborCBR

Jud8-Israel isn't much of a family. Gideon is shrewd, then later takes vengeance. v23 sounds great, but Gideon's finish is a fail. #HarborCBR

Jud9-Leadership fail! Gideon's failure breeds failure in his children. Evil leaders are brought to justice, but the nation suffers. #HarborCBR

Jud9,2-By now, I think there needs to be a better solution than the judges, right? They die, or they end up as bad as the people. #HarborCBR

Jud9,3-You have to love v13--"Wine cheers God and men." No wonder wine was an integral part of the sacrificial system! #HarborCBR

Jud10-Now we see why Israel fails! Cry for help to God WHILE worshiping other gods? Where do we cling to sin while calling for help? #HarborCBR

Jud10,2-Real relationship w/God in v13-14: You left me, served other gods. I'll save you no more. Cry out to the gods you've chosen. #HarborCBR

Jud11-Jephthah's vow is rash. Israel's leadership is at a new low. Atrocious leadership makes us thankful for Jesus, our perfect king. #HarborCBR

Jud12-Depressing end part one of Judges: Civil war in God's family led by a judge. Can it get any lower? Will Sampson be the answer? #HarborCBR

Jud12,2-Midway summary: w/God all things are possible. Eternal life is serving Him. Unfaithfulness to God oppression & emptiness. #HarborCBR

Jud13-12th& final judge is God's gracious gift to undeserving sinners. The story echoes Isaac(Gen 18) and anticipates Jesus(Luk 1). #HarborCBR

Jud14-Samson's start: impressive, but concerning. No concern for purity or his Nazarite vow, but used by God against the Philistines. #HarborCBR

Jud15-Samson is bound for the second time, but freed by God to conquer his enemies and save Israel. #Jawbone #HarborCBR http://t.co/5yAaSCi2Lb

Jud15,2-As Samson was bound & given to his enemies TO OVERCOME THEM, so Jesus was bound by death TO OVERCOME death and sin for us. #HarborCBR

Jud16-Samson fails as many do: power = you can have whatever you want. Lust & pride = my gifts serve me. Are we guilty at all of this? #HarborCBR

Jud16,2-Every failed judge, failed leader in the Bible, failed leader today makes me thankful for Jesus--who never failed. #Integrity #HarborCBR

Jud16,3-Even sinful, failed Samson leaves a good legacy. How? He cries out to God and sacrifices his life. God can use the humble. #HarborCBR

Jud17-Now we see how far the people are from God: devoting money to God to build idols! A priest who joins the idolatry for $$! #HarborCBR

Jud17,2-verse 6 sums this book's answer: "In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes." #HarborCBR

Jud18-More downward spiral. The people and the spiritual leadership are far from God, superstitious, and immoral. What can save them? #HarborCBR

Jud19-More atrocious lows. The "good" are as bad as the evil. v1 is the 3rd time a solution is hinted at: they need a king. #HarborCBR

Jud19,2-Scholars say Judges was written to promote the need of a king from Judah(David), not Benjamin(Saul). Ancient political tract! #HarborCBR

Jud19,3-From our vantage point, the "King Solution" doesn't work until King Jesus, who was everything the judges (and people) weren't. #HarborCBR

Jud20-Israel confronts its sin. The guilty get defensive. Civil war erupts. God judges everyone. Personal conflicts follow this path. #HarborCBR

Jud21-Ends in disaster! Israel's "good" includes ambush, rape, kidnapping, loopholes. The Bible doesn't hide the sins of God's people. #HarborCBR

Jud21,2-Solution to this mess? Judges ends saying Israel needs a good king to follow. Jesus is the king who did right in God's eyes. #HarborCBR

Jud21,3-Life's ups&downs call us to turn whole-heartedly to God & follow King Jesus, who died for us so we can trust His leadership. #HarborCBR


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Joshua CBR Tweets

#HarborCBR  Joshua starts today! Need encouragement and direction in how to live out God's promises? Read Joshua!

Josh1-Living in God's promises takes strength and courage. It's not easy. He makes us strong and His presence gives us courage. #HarborCBR

Josh2-See the courage and strength of Rahab's faith! She trusts God to side with his people, and put her life at risk to help them. #HarborCBR

Josh3-God goes before us, parting the waters. Entering Canaan thru the river completes leaving Egypt thru the sea in the Exodus. #HarborCBR

Josh3,2-soles of feet, rest, water: flashback to the dove in Gen 8:9. This is why the Holy Spirit appears as a dove at Jesus' baptism. #HarborCBR

Josh4-New life with God's promises begins with remembering God's promises. Today baptism & communion are His universal reminders. #HarborCBR

Josh5-We live in God's promises by renewing our covenant with Him. Passover and Circumcision recall God's past and present blessings. #HarborCBR

Josh6-Incredible things happen when you follow God's word. He does the impossible! All Jericho is judged. Rahab & her house are saved. #HarborCBR

Josh7-We hide our sins, but we can't hide their effect on our community. God & the church don't need perfect people, just honest ones. #HarborCBR

Josh8-dealing w/problems&sin is part of leadership. When it's dealt with, God assures you of His presence and you keep moving forward. #HarborCBR

Josh9-God's actions make people who oppose Him nervous. Deception is a common response. As we interact, ask counsel from God(v14). #HarborCBR

Josh10-God fights for His people. Joshua is now telling others, "Be strong and courageous." He was blessed. Now he is a blessing. #HarborCBR

Josh11-God gives great assurance and great victory to His people. We have God's rest today because of Jesus' victory on the cross. #HarborCBR

Josh12-Rehearses 33 victories that God has given His people. What victories do you have? How is your life different now with God? #HarborCBR

Josh13-The many-victoried Joshua retires his sword. He now divides the land to the Israelites. God will lead the army. v13 is ominous. #HarborCBR

Josh14-Caleb's past faithfulness is honored. May it encourage our faithfulness, and point to Jesus' perfect faithfulness. #HarborCBR

Josh15-Judah's inheritance: 105 cities with their villages. All fantastic until the ominous v63. What went wrong there? #HarborCBR

Josh16-God gives all his people an inheritance. Ominous again is v10: no reason why. Do I have a reason for the sin left in my life? #HarborCBR

Josh17-More Inheriting, including the widowed! (Remember Numbers 27?) God's promises come true even for those that culture ignores. #HarborCBR

Josh17, 2-Ominous pattern continues in v12-13. Chance to ask why our struggles persist in our lives. Do I persist in fighting them? #HarborCBR

Josh18-Joshua calls the people to live in God's promises. We need people to remind us of what we already have (and to get moving). #HarborCBR

Josh19-7 remaining tribes receive their inheritance. Then Joshua, as a good leader, serves himself last. #HarborCBR

Josh20-Cities of refuge mean our motives matter to God, and that God wants barriers in the cycle of revenge. Do motives matter to you? #HarborCBR

Josh21-v45: All God's promises came true, not one word failed! Shows Israel's failure to experience the promises aren't God's fault. #HarborCBR

Josh22-God gives rest when the work is done. Reconciliation is possible in conflict when one side asks, "What did you mean by this?" #HarborCBR

Josh23-God's blessings call us to be faithful to Him. A fitting response to one who has been so faithful to us. #HarborCBR

Josh24-Joshua ends with a covenant renewal ceremony. We need reminders to renew our commitment to God. This is one purpose of Sundays. #HarborCBR


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