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#HarborCBR Leviticus starts today! It's so hard to read thru this book on your own, so read it along with me! Five chapters/wk, and I'll be tweeting on each chapter to help you find your way thru this confusing but rewarding book!

LEV1-Now Israel has the tabernacle, what do they do with it? God is now with them, how do they worship Him? Leviticus answers! #HarborCBR

LEV1,2-The burnt offering was unique, being offered to God in its entirety-v9,13. Showed the worshiper's complete devotion to God.#HarborCBR

LEV1,3-Same burnt offering, 3 different animals: v3 herd (bull), v10 flock (sheep/goat), v14 bird (pigeon/dove). #HarborCBR

LEV1,4-Genius of Leviticus: v4--Israel knows exactly when God accepts them. w/o this, you'll never feel you've done enough. #HarborCBR

LEV1,5-How Burnt offerings apply to us: we offer our lives to God, fully devoted as a living sacrifice to Him (Rom 12:1-2). #HarborCBR

LEV1,6-v4 The act of laying the offerer's hand on the head of the animal is that the animal is now substituted for the offerer. #HarborCBR

LEV1,7-The tabernacle deals with serious issues in our relationship with God. But the sacrifices are also an always-open BBQ! #HarborCBR

LEV2-Grain offering: loaves, wafers, or biscuits offered to God, usually accompanying a sin or burnt offering to add emphasis. #HarborCBR

LEV2,2-A handful of the grain offering was offered to God. The rest was given to the priests to feed them. #HarborCBR

LEV2,3-v11f No leaven/honey in sacrifices(probably because they involve decay). But salt in all because God's covenant preserves. #HarborCBR

LEV2,4-v13 The "salt of the covenant w/your God" reminds us that these sacrifices are actually about a relationship w/God. #HarborCBR

LEV3-Peace Offering: sacrifice that brings peace w/God! Can be from the herd v1, or flock v6 (lamb v7 or goat v12). #HarborCBR

LEV3,2-Ch7 shows that the peace offering was shared with the priest and the worshiper. God shares a meal saying we are family! #HarborCBR

LEV3,3-Fat & blood are not to be eaten. Fat is the best and is given to God, blood represents life, which belongs to God. #HarborCBR

LEV4-Sin offering provided atonement so that any sinner could know for sure that God forgave them. This covered and purged sin. #HarborCBR

LEV4,2-Ch4 is outlined around who sinned: v3 priest, v13 whole congregation, v22 leader, v27 common person. Forgiveness for all! #HarborCBR

LEV4,3-Priest/congregation sins: blood sprinkled on altar inside the tent. Leader/person sins: blood sprinkled on altar outside. #HarborCBR

LEV4,4-Jesus gave Himself as a sin offering (Rom 8:3). His final sacrifice means that all our sins are forgiven! #HarborCBR

LEV3,4-Jesus brings the ultimate peace by sacrificing Himself on the cross (Colossians 1:20). He is the goal of this sacrifice. #HarborCBR

LEV1,8-Jesus life of perfect devotion & consecration to God is the end of this offering. It then changes us to devote ourselves. #HarborCBR

LEV2,5-Jesus is God's grain offering to us, demonstrating His "above and beyond" commitment. This moves us to respond in kind. #HarborCBR

LEV5-Details on sin offering occasions. Then the Guilt Offering, which is the Sin Offering + 20% when restitution is needed. #HarborCBR

LEV5,2-120% restitution lets you move from justice to grace. "Fine, I'll pay you back." becomes "Let me make it up to you." HUGE! #HarborCBR

LEV6-Occasions for guilt offering. Then new section begins with how priests give their own burnt and grain and sin offerings. #HarborCBR

LEV6,2-God's path of 120% restitution lets me walk in His grace and show grace in my apology. #HarborCBR

LEV6,3-The altar outside the tent was always burning. Constant devotion, confession, & peace IS the rhythm of life. #HarborCBR

LEV7-Details for the Guilt and Peace Offerings. God forgives sin, removes guilt, and gives us His peace if we come to Him. #HarborCBR

LEV7,2-v19-26 If you don't offer the sacrifices as God prescribed, you were cut off--kicked out of the nation of Israel. #HarborCBR

LEV7,3-Jesus is the final Peace Offering. He made peace by the blood of His cross-Col 1:20! He justifies us & we have peace w/God.#HarborCBR

LEV8-The priests are ordained: baptized, clothed, crowned, anointed. Sacrifices for forgiveness, dedication, and appointment. #HarborCBR

LEV9-1st worship service in the Tabernacle. This service is reflected in all church services today. We'll walk thru the details. #HarborCBR

LEV9,2-v1 on the 8th day: This is the beginning of a new week. Worshiping God is beginning of experiencing God's new creation. #HarborCBR

LEV9,3-v1 Worship starts w/God's call to people. This is a moment of dignity for us as we remember God wants us to come to Him. #HarborCBR

LEV9,4-v2-6 Worship begins with the priests/leaders first, then the people. Leaders worshiping is so important. #HarborCBR

LEV9,5-v7-14 Leaders confess sin&devote themselves to God (Sin & Burnt Offerings). Humility, Honesty, Devotion is leader-worship. #HarborCBR

LEV9,6-v15-21 People's worship: Sin(Confess), Burnt(Devote), Grain(Thank), Peace(Rejoice as Family) Offerings. Worship blesses! #HarborCBR

LEV9,7-God's response to our worship: Sin(Forgives), Burnt(empowers), Grain(Delights), Peace(Adopts). Worship unites us to God. #HarborCBR

LEV9,8-Most churches today reflect a Christ-centered version of these offerings in the songs, prayers, message, and sacraments. #HarborCBR

LEV9,9-v22-24 God appears, accepts the worship, and blesses the people. The people are amazed and fall on their faces. #HarborCBR

LEV9,10-v24 After all the sacrifices are received by God, the people fall on their faces. Worship begins at the end. #HarborCBR

LEV9,11-v22 Aaron's blessing the people is like the benediction or final blessing pronounced at the end of our worship service. #HarborCBR

LEV9,12-Worship's moments: Dignity(call), Transformation(Sin Off), Dedication(Burnt Off), Communion(Peace Off), Mission(Blessing).#HarborCBR

LEV9,13-Service: Leaders Prepare, People Offer, God accepts and blesses. Good outline for Sunday Services today. #HarborCBR

LEV9,14-This service is covenant renewal. God and His people are renewing their vows of family love and commitment to each other. #HarborCBR

LEV10-God is holy. If He tells us how to worship (Exodus 30:9) and we disregard Him, we act like worship is about us and not Him. #HarborCBR

LEV10,2-v16-20 Priests are to eat the sin offering to bear the sin of the people. Eating is identifying (like Lord's Supper). #HarborCBR

LEV11-God is holy and calls us to live in step with Him. These clean and unclean laws help us to experience God when we eat. #HarborCBR

LEV11,2-v44-45 God's instructions are based on God saving us. We follow not to earn His blessing, but becuz we have His blessing. #HarborCBR

LEV12-Blood from childbirth = mom is unclean. Circumcision cuts the time for boys in half (girls not complaining). Born in sin? #HarborCBR

LEV12,2-40 days for boys may connect to Jesus' desert for 40 days after baptism. Sonship leads to Him taking our sin for 40 days. #HarborCBR

LEV13-Contagious or worsening skin diseases make someone unclean. Contagion w/health needs quarantine, w/sin it needs fellowship. #HarborCBR

LEV13,2-v45 The unclean has to be open with his uncleanness. Also w/sin we need to be open about our struggles. We ALL have them. #HarborCBR

LEV13,3-This shows the power of Jesus touching the leper in Mar 1:40. Foreshadowing the cross: leper is clean, Jesus is outcast. #HarborCBR

LEV14-Leprousy isn't the end with God. There is cleansing for people and houses that have infectious diseases. #HarborCBR

LEV15-Uncleanness is passed from generation to generation. But with Jesus' family, even this uncleanness is curable! #HarborCBR

LEV15,2-v31 A window into what's behind uncleanness laws: people need to separate from uncleanness so God's house isn't defiled. #HarborCBR

LEV16-A treasure chest of God's extravagant grace, proactively forgiving, cleansing, atoning, and removing our sins! #HarborCBR

LEV16,2-Jesus is for us both priest and sacrifice. As both goats He paid for our sins & removes sin far from us! Hebrews 9:11-15 #HarborCBR

LEV16,3-In light of Nadab & Abihu (ch10) God makes it clear how the priests are to approach Him. He doesn't want us confused. #HarborCBR

LEV16,4-v4 Special linen clothes worn & v23 left in the Holy Place when the work is finished. Just like Jesus in John 20:5-7! #HarborCBR

LEV16,5-Priest transfers guilt to the goats. v15-1 goat sacrificed to atone. v21-The other sent into wilderness to remove sin. #HarborCBR

Lev16,6-Annual ritual said Israel's sins not fully atoned. But Jesus' sacrifice never needs repeating. We are fully forgiven! #HarborCBR

LEV17-Why animal sacrifices? Blood = life, and our sins are atoned for by the sacrifice of a substitute. It does so we don't. #HarborCBR

LEV17,2-Other religions ate blood to get the power that the dead had. God doesn't want us to get power from anyone but Him. #HarborCBR

LEV17,3-v7 Idolatry is spiritual adultery. It's cheating on God to worship anything but Him. That rachets things up quite a bit. #HarborCBR

LEV18-v2 In the area of sexual relationships, there's a reminder that the culture doesn't determine right and wrong. God does. #HarborCBR

LEV18,2-v5 Following God's instruction has a reward: LIFE! You will live forever & now have a joy that foretastes heaven. #HarborCBR

LEV18,3-"Uncovering nakedness" = sex. Phrased this way convicts people (and I'm one) whose lust undresses others with their eyes. #HarborCBR

LEV18,4-"Uncovering nakedness" = sex. Phrased this way ALSO convicts those who uncover themselves in how they dress. #HarborCBR

LEV17,4-v11 Spelled out here: sin's penalty is death, yet God will accept a substitute in our place to atone for what we've done. #HarborCBR

LEV18,5-v24 While God's people live FOR the city, they live for God 1st, leaving them out of step w/the city they live to serve. #HarborCBR

LEV19-Following God's instruction = experiencing what He's like. God unites us to Him by how we live. Holiness joins us to Him. #HarborCBR

LEV19,2-Commandments 5,4,2,8,9,3,6,7 are expressions of the 1st. These show the close relationship between loving God & neighbor. #HarborCBR

LEV19,3-v9-10 In work, God's desire is that we provide the poor w/chances to work for sustenance. How can we practice this today? #HarborCBR

LEV19,4-v13-15 Power is given so you can serve others, not abuse them. We shouldn't profit from the helpless ignorance of others. #HarborCBR

LEV19,5-v12 explains the 3rd commandment. Calling on God's name to bolster your credibility in a lie. This offends God. #HarborCBR

LEV19,6-v23-25 A window into the Garden of Eden? Maybe the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was forbidden until year 5? #HarborCBR

LEV19,7-v33-34 Not the end of the conversation about immigration, but this part of God's heart must be part of the conversation. #HarborCBR

LEV20-Idolatry is spiritual adultery and sexual sin is idolatry. Both compromise society. God calls His people to be different. #HarborCBR

LEV20,2-Israel inherits the Promised Land = judgment on the Canaanites' sin. Of course they shouldn't repeat that sin. #HarborCBR

LEV21-Priests are to be special. These restrictions anticipate the perfect high priest, Jesus, who makes everyone special. #HarborCBR

LEV21,2-v20 crushed testicles excluded a man, but Jesus brings an age where even the eunuch is extravagantly blessed (Isa 56:35). #HarborCBR

LEV22-The things offered to God are special. Animal sacrifices must be the best people had. Only cleansed priests can eat them. #HarborCBR

LEV22,2-v11-13 The description of households clarifies infant baptism: children are in the family, marriage makes a new family. #HarborCBR

LEV22,3-Are we giving God our best time, money, energy? Or do we just give Him the leftovers? The stuff we don't care about? #HarborCBR

LEV23-God's calendar for His people is marked by FEASTS! God is joy and celebration! Rest from work and devote yourself to Him! #HarborCBR

LEV23,2-Feasts in months 1,3 & 7 to remember Israel's salvation, journey to the Land, & God's provision. Reminds me of Jesus now! #HarborCBR

LEV24-People give oil and bread. God turns them into light from Him and a family meal. Relationship with God is a 2-way street. #HarborCBR

LEV24,2-Serious punishment for blasphemy shows that God is to be intentionally and seriously honored. Words and actions matter. #HarborCBR

LEV24,3-Justice: Eye for eye = people experience what they do to others. Grace: Jesus experiences our sins so we don't have to. #HarborCBR

LEV25-The land Sabbaths(verb) for 1 year every 7. This took great faith, but God provided surplus in year 6 to provide. #HarborCBR

LEV25,2-Every 50 yrs: JUBILEE! All debts forgiven, sold land is restored. The economy prevents empires, makes everyone work. #HarborCBR

LEV25,3-v16 Land wasn't sold in Israel, just the opportunity to grow crops for the years until Jubilee. The land was God's. #HarborCBR

LEV25,4-v8 This is why in Dan 9 a week means 7 years. #HarborCBR

LEV25,5-God set His people free, so they are not to enslave each other. Sons and daughters can be hired, not enslaved. #HarborCBR

LEV26-Blessings & curses come to Israel based on whether they live in relationship w/God or reject Him. Nearness to God=blessing. #HarborCBR

LEV26,2-v18,21,23,27 Sounds similar to Rom 1:18-32: society that continues to reject God is given over to worse and worse fate. #HarborCBR

LEV26,3-v40 No matter how bad it gets, God is always willing to forgive to those who confess their sins and come back to Him. #HarborCBR

LEV27-Vows let people devote themselves or stuff to God. The devoted could be changed, as long as the commitment is fulfilled. #HarborCBR

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Exodus CBR Tweets

#HarborCBR  Exodus starts today with City Bible Reading! Join me as we see God's powerful work to set us free from the things that hold us in bondage!

EX1-God prospers His people-EVEN in persecution! God, redefine prosperity for us so we can see it in our suffering! #HarborCBR

EX1,2-v17 the midwives lied to Pharaoh because they feared God more than him. They are blessed for protecting God's people! #HarborCBR

EX2-Baby Moses is miraculously saved from a murderous king (sounds like Jesus in Mt 2). He's saved by the king's own daughter. #HarborCBR

EX2,2-v2 she "saw he was fine" quotes Genesis 1: God "saw that it was good." The Exodus is a new creation. #HarborCBR

EX2,3-v3 the word basket = ark in Genesis 6. Looks back to the flood & forward to the Red Sea crossing: salvation through water. #HarborCBR

EX2,4-v11-22 Moses "begins" to deliver his people, but he is rejected by the Hebrews then condemned by Pharaoh, so he flees. #HarborCBR

EX2,5-v23-24 The people cry out for help. God hears, remembers his covenant with Abe&sons, and begins to re-stir their deliverer. #HarborCBR

EX3-The burning bush pictures a relationship w/God--fire: God, us: bush. We're not consumed because of His covenant love. #HarborCBR

EX3,2-God's plan to Moses: I'll deliver Israel from Egypt to the Promised Land. And you'll be my ambassador to Pharaoh. #HarborCBR

EX3,3-Moses: Who am I to do this great thing? God: Nothing w/o Me. But you won't be without Me. The same is true for us today! #HarborCBR

EX3,4-Whether out of fear,humility,or laziness, Moses begins a litany of objections to God. What are our objections to God today? #HarborCBR

EX3,5-God's name: I AM: the only non-dependent, self-sufficient one. This is His name in covenant relationship with His people. #HarborCBR

EX3,6-Every other time this name appears in the English bible, it's translated LORD-all caps: God in covenant love w/His people. #HarborCBR

EX3,7-God makes it clear up front: Pharaoh won't like this, but I will do wonders, and you'll leave Egypt with incredible wealth. #HarborCBR

EX4-Moses needs assurance, and God is generous to provide. Moses runs from God's call, and God gets angry, but still provides. #HarborCBR

EX4,2-v10-12 US: God I can't because of ____. God: You can because I'm with you in ____. God says this to you in your ____! #HarborCBR

EX4,3-v10: this conversation took place over a length of time. Sometimes the Bible gives the highlights. #HarborCBR

EX4,4-v21 God says He'll harden Pharaoh's heart. God can use people who reject Him for His own purpose. #HarborCBR

EX4,5-v22 God sees His people as His adopted children! He will defend and rescue them from captivity! Where do you need freedom? #HarborCBR

EX4,6-v24f Passover prefigured! Death comes for Moses' 1stborn, but is averted by blood shed & displayed. Passover=circumcision. #HarborCBR

EX4,7-v29f The people heard Moses & Aaron and they worshiped the Lord who hears their cry. Worship before deliverance (& after)! #HarborCBR

EX5-Pharaoh v. Moses, round 1! M asks, P scoffs & attacks, upping Israel's work. People hate Moses. M complains to God. M:0, P:1 #HarborCBR

EX6-Ph v Mo, round 2...not yet. God assures Moses, but Israel doesn't listen, so Moses doubts & complains: I can't do this!  #HarborCBR

EX6,2-God's assurance to Moses makes it clear that our suffering & rejection is part of His plan. He is with us in good & bad! #HarborCBR

EX6,3-v14-30 Genealogy interrupts the story, but shows the people of Israel in Moses' day are in the circle of God's family love. #HarborCBR

EX7-P v M round2: M's staff serpentized, so did P's, M's serpent ate P's. R2 score: M2,P1. Total score: P2,M2. Battle is on! #HarborCBR

EX7,2-P v M, round 3: M turns the Nile into blood, ruining water, irrigation, fish. P's men did the same! R3: P1,M1. Total: P3 M3.#HarborCBR

EX7,3-P's magicians have real power from their "secret arts." Powers exist that don't come from God. Be wary not to seek them. #HarborCBR

EX7,4-God hardens Pharaoh's heart. Rejecting God has consequences. God can & will accomplish His will, w/you eagerly or not. #HarborCBR

EX8-P v M rounds 4-6: Frogs, gnats, flies. P's men do frogs, can't w/other 2. P's men admit defeat, P is cracking. Total: P4,M6. #HarborCBR

EX8,2-v19 P's men know they are up against God. What is the source of their power? Demons? Sleight of hand? God is w/His people! #HarborCBR

EX8,3-v23 God presses, showing He can control where the plagues hit. God protects His people while He judges Egypt. P4,M7 #HarborCBR

EX8,4-v25 P bargains w/M and gets relief. Then P changes His mind and keeps the Israelites. Total: P6,M7. #HarborCBR

EX9-P v M Rnd7-9: Animals die, boils, hail. Pharaoh confesses his sin! As soon as the plague is gone, so is P's humility. P6,M10 #HarborCBR

EX9,2-v14-16 highlight God's control over circumstances & history. God is a potter who can use soiled clay as He wills(Rom 9:17). #HarborCBR

EX9,3-v14 Against P's unrivaled arrogance, God shows that there is no one like Him. #HarborCBR

EX9,4-v20 many in P's own household are starting to believe in Israel's God! Not surprising after the plagues, P6,M11 #HarborCBR

EX9,5-v34 When his problems stopped, P turned his back on God. Don't we do this same thing today in our lives? #HarborCBR

EX10-P v M, Round10&11: locusts & darkness. Judgment is DE-creation. P's men beg for Israel's freedom. God is king. P6,M14 #HarborCBR

EX10,2-v1-2 God's purpose in judgment is to reveal Himself so children would grow up hearing about Him, & honor & love Him. #HarborCBR

EX10,3-In both rounds, P wants to bargain with God. He still wants his way. But God is God, we're not. It's His way or no way. #HarborCBR

EX11-P v M, in corners before final round 12. Death to 1stborn in Egypt is near. P's heart is hard. God overrules P's free will. #HarborCBR

EX11,2-v9 At times God overrules our free will. If we already deserve judgment, God can use us for His ends before He judges us. #HarborCBR

EX11,3-In this case, God used Pharaoh to demonstrates His incredible power, His justice, and His love for His people. #HarborCBR

EX11,4-Jesus' free will was overruled in the garden before He died. Jesus overruled His own will in love so I could be forgiven. #HarborCBR

EX11,5-God overruled my own will by softening my heart to believe in Him. I am forever grateful and moved to let my will be His. #HarborCBR

EX12-Exodus! P v M round12: God judges Egypt,P gives up/lets Israel go,Egyptians give Israel wealth,some Egyptians go too! P6,M18 #HarborCBR

EX12,2-v2 The Exodus makes the calendar start over: it's now January 1. Passover is Israel's new birthday. #HarborCBR

EX12,3-v3-13 a blemish-less sacrifice is offered. It's substitutionary death means the plague will not strike. #HarborCBR

EX12,4-v23 Passover wasn't: Destroyer passed over 1 house to the next. It WAS: God passed (hovered) over the house to protect it. #HarborCBR

EX12,5-v23 Makes Passover a foreshadowing of Jesus, who was God hovering over us and taking the Destroyer's death blow for us. #HarborCBR

EX12,6-v38 Mixed multitude means that some Egyptians left with Israel! Makes sense that many would believe in Israel's God. #HarborCBR

EX13-Exodus establishes 2 things: Celebrate God's past salvation-Unleavened Feast, give Him your best  in the present-Firstborn. #HarborCBR

EX13,2-God comes first in our lives, so He deserves our first and our best. We give to Him before we give to anything/one else. #HarborCBR

EX13,3-v21-22 God manifests Himself as fire & cloud. Two legs of God walking with Israel, protecting them & providing for them. #HarborCBR

EX14-P v M, round 13: P attacks Israel. God MIRACULOUSLY parts the sea. Israel travels thru but P & his army is drowned. P6 M20. #HarborCBR

EX14,2-v14 Fear causes people to doubt&accuse God. In my fear I accuse others, grasping control. I need to let God fight for me. #HarborCBR

EX15-Joyous celebration erupts because God's powerful, redeeming love triumphs over Egypt. This changes Israel's history forever. #HarborCBR

EX15,2-v14-18 God's victory over Egypt strikes understandable fear into the inhabitants of the Promised Land. #HarborCBR

EX15,3-v22-27 Honest picture of Israel: Worshiping God for the good, grumbling against Him for the bad. Which do we focus on? #HarborCBR

EX16-God graciously responds to Israel's complaints by providing daily bread that lasts until they are home in the Promised Land. #HarborCBR

EX16,2-God doesn't give them a warehouse of bread, God is the warehouse. He provides a relationship. HE is what we need daily. #HarborCBR

EX16,3-Manna re-institutes the Sabbath. God wants us to rest 1 day in 7 to remember that time & salvation are heading somewhere. #HarborCBR

EX17-Now lack of water now tempts Israel to fight w/Moses(&God). Moses intercedes w/God & God graciously provides. #HarborCBR

EX17,2-Moses does what the people should have done: he went to God with his issues. This is good leadership. #HarborCBR

EX17,3-God shows that His power resides in Moses & that Moses cannot lead by himself. Good leaders depend on God and others. #HarborCBR

EX18-Huge leadership principle-Moses must develop other leaders. His role differs from those under him. All are essential. #HarborCBR

EX18,2-This chapter formalizes the principle of layered leadership:  from local elders to small group leaders in the church. #HarborCBR

EX19-God meets His rescued people on Mount Sinai and joins Himself to them in the bonds of Family Love. They're God's treasure. #HarborCBR

EX19,2-v1-8 summarizes the story, then v9 thru chapter 24 retells the same story in more detail. This is common in Hebrew prose. #HarborCBR

EX19,3-We forget this, but God's perfection will consume people who aren't. The solution is to confess our sins and be forgiven. #HarborCBR

EX19,4-God doesn't choose us because we are His treasured possession, we are His treasured possession because He chooses us. #HarborCBR

EX20-10 Commandments start in v3 (and Ch20) because laws come AFTER salvation. We obey NOT to be saved, but because we're saved. #HarborCBR

EX20,2-v1-2 remind God's people of CH1-19. Our obedience is always a response to God's character & His rescuing us from slavery. #HarborCBR

EX20,3-1st: God alone is worthy of worship. His authority=freedom & love. Sex/$$/Power/Approval as authorities enslave us. #HarborCBR

EX20,4-2nd: ALL idols are worshiping created things(that cannot satisfy or free) instead of the Creator(who does satisfy & free). #HarborCBR

EX20,5-3rd: God's name should be hallowed & honored as He is. To treat it as empty or unimportant is to say the same about Him. #HarborCBR

EX20,6-4th: Life & Time revolve around God. This includes REST. Resting is living as children of God, freed from slavery to work. #HarborCBR

EX20,7-5th: All life is to be lived under God's authority.We grow up practicing/learning this by living under parents' authority. #HarborCBR

EX20,8-6th: Murder hates life that images God. Instead we should champion life by helping others to flourish in all areas. #HarborCBR

EX20,9-7th: Marriage is the covenant commitment most like what adults have w/God. Unfaithfulness in marriage=spiritual adultery. #HarborCBR

EX20,10-8th: Stealing abuses your God-given authority and robs others of theirs. We should encourage all to steward their stuff. #HarborCBR

EX20,11-9th: Lying = acid in community. LIFE results when we speak the truth & make it safe for others to be completely truthful. #HarborCBR

EX20,12-10th: Coveting = not content w/what God has given you. But God has a plan & purpose that includes what you don't have! #HarborCBR

EX20,13, 10th,2: If you keep the first 9 commandments, the 10th is a reward: You won't want anyone else's life! #HarborCBR

EX20,14-v5 God's jealous judgment=God allowing us & our families to get the consequences of our sins. i.e. we get what we pursue. #HarborCBR

EX21-Detailed laws begin w/slaves! God cares for the least in society: in Israel, He gives rights to slaves, women, & the abused. #HarborCBR

EX21,2-Israelite slaves were indentured servants, paying off debts or being rescued from poverty. All were freed every 7 years. #HarborCBR

EX21,3-v10-11 Women were actually given rights that if husbands neglected, they were free to divorce without guilt. #HarborCBR

EX21,4-This language can sound harsh. Know that these laws were a cataclysmic leap forward granting rights to those who had none. #HarborCBR

EX22-Each law reflects God's justice & grace. Each enable us to display God's justice and grace. Following Him makes us like Him. #HarborCBR

EX22,2-v21 God calls us to display Him by championing the rights of others-especially those who are oppressed and abused. #HarborCBR

EX22,3-Restitution laws deter crime & let the offender overpay their debt. From Theft to Extravagant Grace. God's justice renews. #HarborCBR

EX23-Justice for all! Freedom for all! 3/yr celebrations of God's abundance! God's presence to lead them into the Promised Land! #HarborCBR

EX23,2-v1-3 Truth must reign, even when it hurts the many or even the poor. Only the truth brings justice and sets people free. #HarborCBR

EX23,3-Justice = no bribes or oppression, doing good to enemies and sojourners. Why? Because you were oppressed &sojourners once. #HarborCBR

EX23,4-Weekly & Sept-annual Sabbaths give rest to the land, feed the poor, remind that God provides & we aren't slaves to work. #HarborCBR

EX23,5-v14-17 3 Annual Feasts celebrate God's Salvation (Passover) & His ongoing provision (Firstfruits & then Final Harvest). #HarborCBR

EX23,6-God promises to send His Angel before His people to take the Promised Land and drive out its inhabitants. #HarborCBR

EX23,7-v20f God normally gives us our inheritance in stages, little by little as we need it. #HarborCBR

EX24-Covenant Making Ceremony: God draws the circle of His family love around Israel and Israel commits to being God's children. #HarborCBR

EX24,2-The covenant read, acts of dedication, blood covers people & offered to God, family meal. All categories of Sunday Service #HarborCBR

EX24,3-Leaders saw God. Clear pavement = the sky separating heaven & earth. Separation disappears in the New Earth (Rev 21:1). #HarborCBR

EX25-Donations & building God's sanctuary. Ark, Mercy Seat, Table, Lampstand. Details can confuse. Focus on meaning of each. #HarborCBR

EX25,2-What would you give to have God dwelling in your midst? What wouldn't you give to have God's presence with you? #HarborCBR

EX25,3-The sanctuary is called the Tabernacle. It's how God lives w/His people & teaches them how to have a relationship w/Him. #HarborCBR

EX25,4-The Ark: 3.5'x2'x2' A crate holding 2 copies of God's covenant w/His people, which established their family bonds. #HarborCBR

EX25,5: Mercy Seat-On top of the ark: this was God's throne, where God dwelt & met with Moses, and spoke(v22). #HarborCBR

EX25.6-Bread Table: 3'x1.5'x2' Had 12 fresh loaves always, symbolizing God eating with His people, treating them like family. #HarborCBR

EX25,7-Lampstand: 1 stem + 6 branches. 7-fold light because God's presence is light. #HarborCBR

EX25,8-The 4 things show: God deserves our best. He rules & dwells w/us, welcomes us as family, He's light, & His throne is mercy.#HarborCBR

EX26-Tabernacle tent, curtains, veil, & screen. Sewn with cherubim(angels), showing this is where heaven and earth come together. #HarborCBR

EX26,2-Amazing that God would live in the midst of His people! It's for our protection that He is curtained off from us. #HarborCBR

EX27-Altar (7.5x7.5x4.5) for sacrifices (confession, dedication, reconciliation), Court (150x50), and oil to keep the light on. #HarborCBR

EX28-What's clothing for? Covering AND "for glory & beauty." God's image bearers have glory & beauty. Clothes show & add to it. #HarborCBR

EX28,2-linen undergarments cover the priests' guilt (forgiveness). Outer garments show the good the priests are called to do. #HarborCBR

EX28,3-Jesus covers our sin w/His righteousness, then gives us spiritual gifts so we can show God's glory & beauty to others. #HarborCBR

EX28,4-v12 The priest bore the names of Israel on his shoulders. Jesus had our names on His shoulders as He bore  our sin. #HarborCBR

EX28,5-v29-30 The priest bore the names of Israel on his heart to bear the peoples' judgment. Jesus did/does the same for us. #HarborCBR

EX28,6-On the cross, Jesus bore our names on His heart, and our sins on His shoulders. He is our great high priest (Heb 4:14-16). #HarborCBR

EX28,7-The priest's garments were made of the same materials as the tabernacle. God's tent AND leaders bridge heaven and earth. #HarborCBR

EX28,8-All God's people are special (Ex 19:6), yet God appoints some to a special office: OT Priests, NT: Pastors/Elders. #HarborCBR

EX29-God's ceremony shows priests need cleansing(water), authority(garments), Spirit(oil). Sacrifices forgive & show devotion. #HarborCBR

EX29,2-v42-46 The purpose of all the sacrifices and ceremonies: God will meet with you, speak with you, and dwell with you. #HarborCBR

EX30-Altar of incense symbolizes prayer. Basin is water from heaven symbolizing forgiveness. The tax funds worship. #HarborCBR

EX31-God's Spirit enables artistry & design: creating things that have glory and beauty. Craftsmanship & intelligence are Godly. #HarborCBR

EX32-Israel as a nation is just like Adam (in Gen 3): v1f falls into sin, v22f plays the blame game, God judges & forgives. #HarborCBR

EX32,2-v11-14 Moses intercedes for Israel and God relents from the judgment He was going to unleash. Jesus does the same for us! #HarborCBR

EX32,3-v32 Moses offers himself as a sacrifice for the people, again foreshadowing the sacrificial, atoning love of Jesus for us. #HarborCBR

EX32,4-v19 Moses broke the covenant tablets because Israel had broken covenant w/God. Egregious sin breaks the covenant. #HarborCBR

EX33-v16! I am unique because I'm made in God's image & reborn by His Spirit. His always present presence makes me special. #HarborCBR

EX34-God recircles Israel in family love: covenant renewal-God's promises, Israel's responsibility, Moses the mediator. #HarborCBR

EX34,2-Moses vs God. 33:3-God: You're stiff necked, so I won't go w/you. 34:9-Moses: We're stiff necked, so you have to go w/us. #HarborCBR

EX34,3-Being with God made Moses shine (literally). It has the same impact on us today (metaphorically). We display Jesus. #HarborCBR

EX35-Contributions collected to build the tabernacle. Construction should be characterized by Sabbath-keeping. #HarborCBR

EX35,2-v1-3 Sabbath is obviously incredibly important to God, it's THE SIGN that a person has a relationship with Him. #HarborCBR

EX36-Contributions exceeded need! Artists/craftsmen are made in God's image, endowed w/His creativity & ability to execute. #HarborCBR

EX37-Echoing Genesis 1, God's spoken word (Ex25) is accomplished. Now by people, made in His image, committed to taking dominion. #HarborCBR

EX38-Building of the tabernacle continues as the reader begins to wonder, "What will happen after the construction is complete?" #HarborCBR

EX39-Creation's climax = humanity to rule. Here, construction's climax = the clothing of humanity to minister in the tabernacle. #HarborCBR

EX39,2-The 12 stones here come back in God's ultimate dwelling w/people in the New Jerusalem at the end of the Bible (Rev 21:19). #HarborCBR

EX39,3-v32-43 The work was finished. Moses saw it, saw it was good, and blessed the people, just as God did in Genesis 1:26-28. #HarborCBR

EX40-As God met His people in the garden of Eden, now God comes and fills the tabernacle--giving power & comfort & guidance. #HarborCBR

EX40,2-At Pentecost in Acts 2, the glory of God comes and fills the church (the new covenant tabernacle). #HarborCBR


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