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#HarborCBR  RUTH STARTS TOMORROW! How does God move us from despair to abundance? Read Ruth's 4 chapters and by Tuesday you will know the answer! 

Ru1-Despair to abundance begins with a FRIEND whose devotion weathers the fiercest storms of life. Ruth pictures Jesus' faithful love. #HarborCBR

Ru2-Dspr to abndnc grows w/FAITHFULNESS. Ruth's provides for Noami as Jesus' provides for us. Boaz blesses Ruth's as God blesses ours. #HarborCBR

Ru3-Despair to abundance grows with FAITH. Ruth steps out [will you?] and Boaz agrees to redeem her (but will he be able to?-tension!) #HarborCBR

Ru4-Despair to abundance completes with REDEMPTION. Boaz binds his life to Ruth, as Jesus does to us in his death and resurrection. #HarborCBR

Ru4,2-Naomi's 10 yrs of despair are redeemed w/10 generations leading to the King of Israel. All thru a friend, faithfulness, & faith. #HarborCBR


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