Daily Bible Reading

Learn to preach the gospel to yourself.

Our daily Bible reading program is called City Bible Reading (CBR). CBR is a tool to help you experience daily, personal worship as you read through God's Word. CBR helps you preach the gospel to yourself daily using this A.C.T.S. acrostic:

  • Adoration - How does this passage display God's worth and prompt me to worship him?
  • Confession - How does this passage expose my sin and prompt me to confess and cry out to God for forgiveness?
  • Thanksgiving - How am I moved to express gratitude for Jesus' saving work for me, in me and through me?
  • Supplication - Asking God to make me more like Jesus, and to use me to share the good news with others.

Since many at Harbor City Church are using CBR, we are able to connect more deeply with each other as we compare notes and encourage one another!

There are two easy ways to join Harbor CBR:

- Read the daily passages, check the schedule, and see what others are tweeting about #HarborCBR.

- Contact us to get a CBR journal and get started!

Want more inspiration to read the Bible? Check out the CBR Blog which features notes almost every chapter of the Old Testament!