City Prayers

City Prayers

You are invited to join us in praying for needs in our city!

We believe the gospel compels us to love the city by showing up where things are broken and helping to bring healing in Jesus’ name. We want to be a people committed to asking Jesus to work through us to bring more of His Kingdom into San Diego.

 Join us each month to pray for
  1. An area of need in our city—Homelessness, Sex Trafficking, Refugees/Immigration, Foster Care.
  2. Ministry partners serving in that area
  3. Other gospel-centered, city-serving churches in San Diego

January :
Refugees & Immigration

All through the Bible, God calls his people to love and serve the vulnerable immigrants and refugees who live among us and who arrive on our doorstep.

  • Just 7 miles away from Harbor City Church, the number of people arriving at our southern border seeking safety is overwhelming our government and creating a humanitarian crisis, especially for children and families.
  • The men, women and children living here without documents are regularly exposed to exploitation, danger and injustice.
  • San Diego resettles refugees from all over the world, including between 1500-3000 Afghan refugees expected to arrive over the next year. These are men, women and children who escaped horrifying danger, leaving behind home, extended family, language and way of life; and who made it through the obstacle course of US immigration only to land in one of the most fast-paced, expensive cities in the US with severely limited financial resources and few job prospects.

Ways to Pray for Refugees & Immigration:
  • That God would shape our hearts to love immigrants & refugees as He does
  • That God would give us opportunities to serve and the wisdom and courage to follow through on them
  • For the 75 Afghan families stuck in hotels without case workers or benefits or work authorization. Pray that our systems would work more smoothly.
  • For Hope for San Diego, who serves many refugee families and works to connect local churches to serve as well.
  • For San Diego Refugee Tutoring and the work they do to help refugee kids do well in school so they can grow up to succeed in this country and break cycles of poverty in their families.
  • For the upcoming Stranger to Neighbor event, that God would use it to equip and inspire us to follow His heart more fully.
  • For David’s Harp and Servant Church— both of whom serve a community where immigration status can be complicated and decisions are difficult.

Ways to Pray for Servant Church:
  • That God would bless their efforts to restart in-person prayer meetings & Bible studies at the local library.
  • That God would bless their efforts to launch a Christian student club at one of the local public schools (as part of their STRONG Youth Outreach program)
  • Praise God for the new families & youth from the community that have starting worshipping with Servant Church on Sundays.
  • Ask God to continue to bless and protect and grow this gospel-preaching, city-loving church.