Indoor Services Resume June 20

We are now meeting in the Downstairs Warehouse space accessed off 16th Street (where we met before COVID).
Parking is available in the lots on both 16th and 17th Street, but access to the building will only be from 16th.

Safety Guidelines

For now, please continue to wear your mask when singing, but masks are optional when you are seated and/or socially distanced. We will provide updates on use of masks as the COVID situation improves.

We recognize that individuals at HCC have a wide range of perspectives on proper COVID safety. Our approach is guided by two principles:

  1. We will love one another by seeking to have a policy that focuses on making as many people as possible feel safe and welcome
  2. We will seek to follow the advice of state and local authorities, recognizing that their guidelines change as the situation changes.
We expect regulations to continue to relax and that masks will become optional very soon.

If this will prevent you from attending worship services or Children's Church, please let us know.