Temporary Location Change!

Starting Feb 6, Harbor will temporarily be meeting at the First Presbyterian Church chapel in Banker's Hill, located at 1740 Fourth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101. We will still be meeting at 9AM.


Why are we moving?
Our landlord, Moniker, has informed us that they are planning on completely renovating the meeting space starting in February. We will not be able to meet in the warehouse because of the renovations. We will continue to use our upstairs offices.

Where are we moving to?
We will be holding our Sunday worship services in the Chapel of First Presbyterian Church, 1740 Fourth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

When are we moving?
Our first Sunday at First Pres will be Feb 6.

What time will we be meeting?
Same time—9AM.

How long will we be gone from the Moniker Warehouse?
We are hoping to be back by Easter, April 17. Our landlord is working hard to make sure that the renovations are finished before then, but we recognize that there are many unforeseeable reasons why that may not happen. We will keep you informed!

Why are we meeting at First Presbyterian Church?
The Harbor City staff spend several weeks putting together a list of the things we felt are necessary for us to have our worship service. This list included everything from kids space to audio-visual needs to proximity to the East Village. The Lord graciously provided us with several good options for alternative meeting spaces. In the end the staff and leadership all agreed that First Presbyterian was the best option. One of the factors in this decision was the generosity of First Presbyterian in welcoming us to use the space and provide us with rooms for kids.

Will this be a Harbor City service?
Harbor City Church will have its own service in the chapel of First Presbyterian Church. We will not be having a joint service wither either of the congregations that are using the sanctuary of the church.

How will the renovations impact our worship services when we return?
Moniker has been very attentive to our needs as a church in their renovation plans. Chad Gray has been able to dialogue with them about many of our needs. Moniker has worked with us so that the renovated space will be even more conducive for our worship services. We are very grateful for Moniker and excited for how the renovations will help us as a church.