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Nov 28, 2021

He Was Made Sin

Passage: 2 Corinthians 5:13-21

Speaker: Omar Ortiz

Category: Sermon

Sermon Summary:

Jesus brings reconciliation by:

(1) Working FOR us -

  • He Became Sin For Us (Vs 20b-21)
  • Christmas is us celebrating God becoming man so that He might become sin for us, for our reconciliation

(2) Working IN us -

  • He makes us a new creation (vs 17), so that we should no longer live selfishly but for God (vs 15)
  • However, he displays His strength in us through our weakness.

(3) Working THROUGH us -

  • We are Christ's ambassadors (vs 19-20), sharing His message of reconciliation
  • Practical ways we can live as Christs' ambassadors:
    • Remember what Jesus has done FOR you and is doing IN you (Preach the gospel to yourself). Use the Advent Guide!
    • Pray. Acknowledge your weakness; look to His strength.
    • Initiate spiritual conversations with non-believers. Introduce elements of faith, then pray and look for opportunities to go deeper.

Group Discussion:

  1. Use the advent guide to start your meeting. You don't need to have an advent wreath, but consider lighting a candle.

  2. In the sermon P. Omar described the change that Jesus does in us as "new creation." He went on to explain that new creation is something that we experience now (in part) but will experience fully when Jesus returns. How are you currently experiencing your new creation? In what ways is Jesus' strength being made perfect in your weakness?

  3. There are three ways that we can live out our ambassadorial role: a. by remembering what Jesus has done in us and for us, b. through prayer & c. by having spiritual conversations. Which of these comes easiest for you? Which one is hardest for you? Why? How could your life group encourage/support you in your pursuit of living as an ambassador?