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Mar 28, 2021

Lifted Up

Passage: John 12:20-33

Speaker: Bill McCurine

Category: Sermon

Sermon Summary:
After Jesus raises Lazarus, some Greeks come asking with deep desire to see Jesus. Jesus responds by saying the hour has finally come for him to be glorified. But it is shockingly accomplished through the cross.

(1) The Condemnation of the cross

  • Cursed by God (Deut 21:22)
  • An utter failure of our expectations for his ministry
  • But Isaiah 53:4-6 - The LORD has laid on him our iniquity.

(2) The Exaltation of the cross
Accomplished by the cross for God's people:

  •  unimaginable grace (1 Cor 2:9)
  •  abounding love, knowledge & discernment, pure and blameless, filled with the fruit of righteousness (Phil 2:5-11)
  •  ransomed from every people, language, and nation, made a kingdom of priests (Rev 5:8-13)

(3) The Witness of the cross
The Greeks desiring to see Jesus is a fulfillment of Isaiah 49:6ff—God's plan to offer salvation and renewal to the whole world.

(1) The cross lifts up our view of God
Who could imagine such grace? Behold, what manner of love the Father has given us! (1 John 3:1)

(2) The cross lifts up our view of ourselves
Our identity no longer based on our race, sex, talent, success or failure—it is built immovably on us being beloved children of God.

(3) The cross lifts up our future and our hope
Covenant assurance of our security in Him (John 10:28).

What should we do?

  • Live in this new reality and proclaim it to others.
  • The whole world is drawn to God, not when our logic, reputation, beauty or success is lifted up, but when Jesus is lifted up.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What parts of this sermon resonated with you?
  2. How does the cross lift up your view of God, lift up your view of yourself, lift up your future & hope?
  3. Jesus gives us new life. Practically speaking, how can you live in that new life this week?
  4. Pray for each other.