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Oct 10, 2021

The Community that Jesus Creates

Speaker: Omar Ortiz

Series: Acts: Windows into the Missional Church

Category: Sermon

The community Jesus creates has:

(1) A Common Foundation (vs 38)

  • Jesus and Him crucified.
  • Baptism is a sign pointing to our common foundation

(2) A Diverse People (Acts 2:5-12; Matt 19:14; Eph 2:14; Gal 3:28)

  • We can not be the church Jesus calls us to be without using our gifts o show hospitality to God's people across all Racial, economic, cultural, linguistic, generational barriers

(3) A Unified Mission (vs 42)
Devoted to

  • The Apostles' teaching = God's Word
  • Fellowship = God's People
  • The Lord's Supper = God's Provision
  • Prayer = God's Presence

Group Discussion:

What are some ways God is calling you (individually) and us (corporately) to be increasingly devoted :

  1. To God's Word?
  2. To God's People?
  3. To God's Provision?
  4. To God's Presence?