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5 Conversation Starters to Have About Jesus Around Communion

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Communion at home in front of the kids is sparking new conversations! And many of our parents aren’t ready for this! :) Can our kids have communion? What do we tell them? We’re here to help! We want to help you to disciple your kids so they can grow to own they faith you model in the home. 

In our church, we believe the Bible teaches that communion is a sacrament for all who believe and follow Jesus. When it comes to our children, we welcome them to communion when they believe in Jesus for themselves. They grow up believing in Jesus because you teach them about Jesus, you teach them to pray, and you teach them the gospel--that God made them to worship, serve, and enjoy Him, that they are sinners, and that God loves them and Jesus died and rose so they would be forgiven and adopted into God’s family. 

We open the Lord’s Table, another name for Communion, to our children when they are able to show that they believe this themselves. Check out more about this over on our Children’s page

If your kids see you having communion during one of our online services and they want to participate themselves, that’s wonderful! This is often the first step toward preparing them to be ready for their first communion. Don’t panic! You can simply tell them,

"Communion is for people who have shared with the leaders in our church that they love Jesus and are following Him. If you’d like to take the bread and the wine/juice, you need to share with the pastor or one of the elders that you believe in Jesus."

They may fuss, but simply repeat gently, “our church understands that communion is for people who can share that they are committed to following Jesus. Are you ready to meet with the elders to share what you believe with them?” 

Again, the information on the Children’s Page goes into depth about this, and offers ways to know if your child is ready to move forward in the process to begin taking communion. As always, please let me know if you have any questions!

One other thing: your home may have adults who don’t believe in Jesus yet. If they ask, I encourage you to share some version of this with them:  Communion is one way that Christians share a symbolic meal with God. In this meal, we are saying that we believe in Jesus and are sorry for our sins. And God is saying that He forgives us and He is with us. You are welcome to join in Communion if you have confessed your sins to God and are committed to following Jesus. Are you ready to do that? If so, you can pray to Jesus and then you can participate in Communion.

And for fun, here are 5 conversation starters to try out during communion with your non-communing family and friends:

  1. Have you taken communion before? What does that mean to you?
  2. Communion is the time when we share a meal with God, reflecting and giving thanks to who Jesus is, and what He did for us by dying on the cross. What do you think it meant when Jesus died for us?
  3. We take bread and wine/juice for communion. Do you know what Jesus told his disciples that this represents? 
  4. Why do you think taking communion is important?
  5. Our church has communion for people who believe in Jesus. Do you know what it means to believe in Jesus and to be one of his sons and daughters?

Can you add to our list of conversation starters? We want to see all of our friends and neighbors talking about Jesus and reflecting on what He has done for us.