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New Kids Bulletins

Greetings Harbor Families!

We are starting to feel at home in our new space, and we hope you are too.  Of course, we still have things to work on, but we are excited for the extra space. 

We wanted to touch base with you all about our new weekly church bulletins that are being created for our kids.  This is a step up from our last bulletin and it also tracks with our weekly curriculum that is being taught upstairs.  The bulletin includes space for your children to follow along with the music and sermon, with room to take notes.  In addition to these pages, each week pages will be added that correlate to the lessons being taught in Children’s Church.

Our hope is that you will see these bulletins as a tool to foster good conversations about what they are learning, not just something to discard.     

Here are some ways to use this bulletin:

  1.  If your child chooses to stay in the service encourage them to take notes as they listen to the songs and sermon.  After service they can reference it when you ask them “What did you learn from the sermon?” “What did you write down today?" "Did you like one song in particular?" After they share, you can share what you learned!
  1. If your child goes upstairs during the sermon feel free to keep the bulletin with you so you can use the back pages to start conversations about what they learned in class upstairs.  (Each class hears the same bible story each week!) “Tell me what you learned in your class.” “Did you learn something new about Jesus?”  

Clearly these are just the start to great conversations with our children. We believe that the best way to disciple our children is to talk with them over and over about Jesus and the Gospel. 

We hope the lessons we teach upstairs from The Gospel Project, the worship and sermons in our regular services, and even these Kids Bulletins will help give you questions that you can discuss as an entire family.  No matter how and when (in the car home from church, at lunch, etc.) you have the conversations are up to you, but we hope you see them as an opportunity to start great conversations with your kids about Jesus and the Gospel! 

Happy New Year!

Christina Baumgartner

Director of Harbor City Kids