Vision & Values

Our Vision:

A Renewed City, Through a Renewed People, to the Glory of God

Our Mission:

To make disciples who experience Jesus in every part of their lives and share Jesus in every part of the city

Our Values:

The 5 areas we think every disciple should be growing in as we pursue our Vision and Mission:

(1) Gospel-Centered.

It's all about the Gospel. The gospel is the power of God to renew everything about us, our neighbors, and our city. Jesus reveals the story of a God who loves the world and is working to bring hope, forgiveness, acceptance, and growth. All we do as a church—from Preaching and Music to Discipleship and Events—begins and ends with this inspiring story of God’s sacrificial love and transforming power. By believing in Jesus, we experience Him and we begin to share Him with others. Our lives become chapters in His story.

(2) Growing in Community.

We were created for community. We all need relationships that are honest, encouraging, and challenging. Through Sundays, Life Groups, and Discipleship we experience Jesus in community.  We receive and share Jesus’ grace and truth with others.  As we experience relationships where people invest in us and in our growth, we become the kind of people who invest in and care for others.

(3) Living on Mission.

Jesus calls us to be His ambassadors. Jesus is on a mission to renew people and cities. We join Him on mission through what we do (we love and serve others) and in what we say (we share the gospel and testify to how it has changed us). We experience Jesus’ hope speaking to our deepest needs, and we look for opportunities to share this hope with others. The gospel renews us with a sense of purpose and a mission to become a blessing to others.

(4) City Positive.

God loves the city, and so do we! We believe Jesus loves what is beautiful in our city—and so do we. We believe Jesus is at work to heal what is broken in our city—and so are we. We celebrate and serve San Diego, seeking its renewal spiritually, socially, and culturally. As people find hope and healing in Jesus, the city is renewed spiritually. As people love and honor their neighbors at work, home, and in neighborhoods, the city is renewed socially. As people embrace God’s purposes for work, art, and community, the city is renewed culturally.

(5) Equipping Leaders.

Jesus is raising up leaders. Leaders experience and display Jesus, and intentionally pour into others. We equip and mobilize people to develop their gifts, and use those gifts to bless others. Developing leaders who are Gospel-Centered, Growing in Community, Living on Mission, and City Positive is a crucial element in our vision of a renewed city, through a renewed people, to the glory of God.

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