Church Membership:

All are welcome into the life and ministry of Harbor City Church. To become a member of HCC is to make a public promise to follow Jesus, to live according to God's Word, to support and participate in the work of the Church congregation, and to submit to its government and discipline.*

3 Steps to Membership: 

  1. Attend the Harbor City Intro Class - Tic the appropriate box on the form here
  2. Be interviewed by an elder
  3. Make public vows before the congregation

*Submitting to the government and discipline of a church means submitting only insofar as leaders are reflecting the authority of Scripture. If a leader requires something contrary to Scripture, you should not submit. If there is disagreement between you and an elder, you may appeal to the Presbytery.


If you have never been baptized, we would be delighted to baptize you when you make your public vows. Let the elder know during your interview and we will schedule your baptism (or for parents, a child baptism).

If you have questions or would like to begin this process, please tic the appropriate box on the form here