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JOB STARTS TODAY! No discussion of human suffering is complete w/o Job. Why? Why me? How long? For what? Join me, 1 ch/day to find out. #HarborCBR

Job,2-Most people understand the start(ch1-2) and end(ch40-42), but get lost in between. Isn't that what it's like with suffering? #HarborCBR

Job,3-No simple answers in this book. Lots of theories, opinions, perspectives. Job's message is multi-layered and richly-textured. #HarborCBR

Job1-1st readers might think "wt_!" Is suffering just a dare between God & Satan for bragging rights? That's an unsettling perspective. #HarborCBR

Job1,2-Is God after bragging rights? Or is God proving that faith isn't self-centered? Job loves God more than his family or his stuff. #HarborCBR

Job1,3-How many people expected the last word of v20 to be "worshiped"? v21-22 show the perspective that produced his response. #HarborCBR

Job2-God shows that suffering doesn't have to conquer us. Honoring God is our highest end, and can be done in EVERY circumstance. #HarborCBR

Job2,2-v11 stretches my faith (like ch1:20-22). BUT KNOW that faith does not shy away from being honest with God (wait 'til ch3). #HarborCBR

Job2,3-Receiving evil from God like Job doesn't mean it's easy (wait 'til chapter 3) but it DOES give purpose to the evil. #HarborCBR

Job2,4-Job's friends come and enter into Job's suffering. The book shows that we should sometimes speak and other times be silent. #HarborCBR

Job2,5-Thank You Jesus for not just identifying with my suffering, but enduring my suffering! You prove my suffering will be redeemed! #HarborCBR

Job3-Job shows that mature faith INCLUDES honest frustration, bitterness, and even complaint. Key: complain TO God, He can handle it. #HarborCBR

Job3,2-Build bridges over abortion: Job3 shows that even mature faith can voice a despair that wants to end life at birth. #HarborCBR #abortion

Job3,3-a version of v7-9 are quoted by Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean II. That's an awesome biblical allusion. #HarborCBR

Job4-Eliphaz: You've helped others in suffering, will you take your own advice? You must have sinned. Everyone sins. #HarborCBR

Job4,2-v3&4 show the power of words to bless others: Words can give strength for action, uphold the stumbling, and give stability. #HarborCBR

Job4,3-Unjust suffering shines a clear light on Jesus, whose suffering was entirely for us and for our salvation. #HarborCBR


Job5-Eliphaz: Fools suffer(hint, hint). If it were me, I'd seek God who rescues the suffering. Turn to Him and He'll reverse this. #HarborCBR

Job5,2-What Eliphaz says about life and God is true, BUT IT's DOESN'T APPLY TO JOB (recall Ch1-2). We need to care when we share. #HarborCBR

Job5,3-v9-16 Inspiring words about God's greatness to save. v17-26 Hopeful words about God's loving discipline. #HarborCBR

Job5,4-v12-13 comfort when we see the wicked prosper. Often fleeting success is shown in lack of satisfaction, purpose, and happiness. #HarborCBR

Job6-Job: Are you really going to nitpick my words when I'm suffering like this? Of course my language is extreme! My friends suck. #HarborCBR

Job6,2-v2,3,26 Don't get caught up on words and miss the real issues underneath. It's easy to nitpick and miss being helpful. #HarborCBR

Job6,3-v21: Job's friends' insensitivity comes from a fear that they have answers. Let go of this need so you can be just be present. #HarborCBR

Job6,4-v4: Job believes God is punishing him. v10: In complaining, Job hasn't denied God. Thank You, Jesus, that we can do both! #HarborCBR

Job7-Job: My life is hell, it'll end soon, so I'm going to complain! God, how does my sin bother you THIS MUCH? Can't you just forgive? #HarborCBR

Job7,2-Ryan's response to Job7: "This is all Job not wanting to exist. When is God going to do something?" He's got Job perfectly! #HarborCBR

Job8-BILDAD: Job you're wrong. God does right. Your kids sinned & were punished. Life w/o God is empty. Seek Him and He'll restore you. #HarborCBR

Job8,2-When we falsely accuse & then judge others (co-workers, friends, kids), we are like Job's "friends." Truth misapplied destroys. #HarborCBR

Job9-JOB: I know you're right, but now I'm stuck. I haven't done anything wrong, but who can question God? I wish I had a mediator! #HarborCBR

Job9,2-Jesus, the mediator between God and man is both God and man. It speaks hope that the mediator knows unjust suffering. #HarborCBR

Job10-JOB: I hate my life. Can't God tell me why He's doing this? If I've sinned, woe to me. If I haven't, I can't answer back to God. #HarborCBR

"Job10,2-""God, can you just leave me alone? At least I'd have a little cheer before I die.""

If you're here the Bible makes room for you. #HarborCBR"

Job10,3-Jesus had reason to voice these words from Job, but He didn't. He took all the unjust suffering, so we could have eternal life. #HarborCBR

Job10,4-v18 Again, Job wishes he died in the womb. A way the Bible connects with the despair and hopelessness that leads to abortion. #HarborCBR

Job11-ZOPHAR: Job, you're an idiot. God is giving you less than your sins deserve. Turn from your sins and God will restore your life. #HarborCBR

Job11,2-Job's "friends" seem driven by a need to have answers, but there's mystery in suffering. Don't explain, enter in w/compassion. #HarborCBR

Job12-JOB: Look, I know what y'all know. I'm blameless. Still God does this to me. God opposes and brings low all who misrepresent Him. #HarborCBR

Job12,2-Good to know God is in control. Frustrating to not know why He allows things that aren't supposed to happen. #HarborCBR

Job12,3-Thank You Jesus for proving that God does have a purpose for all unjust suffering! The path to answers is through the cross. #HarborCBR

Job13-JOB: Friends, your words are worthless. You misrepresent God. He'll judge you. No matter what God does, I will trust Him! #HarborCBR

Job13,2-I LOVE how faith & frustration can coexist: v15 "Though He slay me, I will hope in him; yet I will argue my ways to His face." #HarborCBR

Job14-JOB: God, You destroy my hope. W/o You, nothing & no one can lift me up. Just leave me alone. #HarborCBR

Job14,2-Job is aware of his sin: v4,16-17. Is he starting to believe his friends, that he his sin has caused all this? #HarborCBR

Job15-ELIPHAZ,2: You have no respect for God. Admit your sin! It's the wicked who suffer. You were a fool (ch5), now you're wicked. #HarborCBR

Job15,2-Thank You, Jesus! I have great confidence in my suffering because of God's purpose in Your suffering! #HarborCBR

Job16-JOB: You friends suck. God has destroyed me and I've done nothing wrong. Even now, my only hope is that God will intercede soon. #HarborCBR

Job16,2-v4-5 shows the power of words to either curse or bless. What kind of friend do your words show you to be? #HarborCBR

Job16,3-v8&10 show that these conversations cover at least weeks or even months. #HarborCBR

Job16,4-v15: I've laid my strength in the dust. Fasting does this. We tell God (&ourselves) that the strength we have isn't enough. #HarborCBR

Job17-JOB: God has broken me. Now my only hope is the grave. Friends, you are all wrong--take another shot. #HarborCBR

Job17,2-v2: there are mockers about me, and my eye dwells on their provocation. What we "see" affects our spirits. #HarborCBR

Job17,3-v3: "Lay down a pledge for me with yourself." God replied, "I will," and He sent Jesus! #HarborCBR

Job17,4-Ryan: "Can we go back to God & Satan?" Well, God comes later. "Can you at least tell me when God speaks again?" He gets Job! #HarborCBR

Job18-BILDAD: Why do you think we're dumb? You are suffering as the wicked do, so you must be living as the wicked do. #HarborCBR

Job18,2-Job's friends are speaking philosophically about suffering. Job is speaking about it personally. There's a big difference. #HarborCBR

Job19-JOB: God treats me like I'm wrong. All my community abandoned me. But I know all this will be reversed someday! I will see God! #HarborCBR

Job19,2-Ever think, "Why do people make such a big deal about my sin? It's not hurting anyone else!" Job felt the same way in v4. #HarborCBR

Job19,3-v9: Suffering undoes the glory of humanity (Ps 8:5), but when we endure it, our glory is even greater (Romans 8:37)! #HarborCBR

Job19,4-v23-27 show Job's amazing faith throughout this entire ordeal. God is doing something to me, but He will redeem and restore me! #HarborCBR

Job20-ZOPHAR: The wicked/godless perish. Their evil destroys them from within, God destroys them from without. You must be both. #HarborCBR

Job20,2-Again, Zophar is speaking philosophically about "the way the world works," but his perspective doesn't apply personally to Job. #HarborCBR

Job20,3-Helpful insight at the center of Zophar's words. v20: The heart of evil is often discontentment. It makes us never satisfied. #HarborCBR

Job21-JOB: Your thinking is simplistic and false. Your explanation of the world doesn't fit my experience. God's ways are a mystery. #HarborCBR

Job21,2-God controls judgment & suffering. We don't know how or why He rules as He does. That's often the worst part of suffering. #HarborCBR

Job22-ELIPHAZ: Job, you are evil! Here are your abundant sins! Return to God! He'll bless you wildly and make you a blessing to others! #HarborCBR

Job22,2-This is truth given at the wrong time to the wrong person. All truth isn't for all situations. Think before you advise. #HarborCBR

Job22,3-Eliphaz's accusations are a list of 7 sins. That number isn't an accident: 7 means-you are completely sinful! #HarborCBR

Job22,4-In all Eliphaz's foolishness, v21-30 is glory: Agree w/God, receive His word, return to Him-you'll receive extravagant grace. #HarborCBR

Job22,5-Peace, goodness, restoration, prayers heard, light on your path, being a blessing to others: these are God's gifts. #HarborCBR

Job22,6-v24-26 Honor God with your treasure and then the Almighty Himself will be your treasure. #HarborCBR

Job22,7-Ever wonder how to get what you want? Read v21-26 with Psalm 37:4. v21-26 show what it means to delight yourself in the Lord. #HarborCBR

Job23-JOB: I wish I could find God & plead my case! Then I'd know His purposes (I know He has them), and He'd say I passed His test. #HarborCBR

Job24-JOB: Why doesn't God judge the wicked? They live and prosper like everyone else. This makes my suffering even worse. #HarborCBR

Job25-BILDAD: This FINAL SPEECH of Job's friends is terse: a human can't possibly say he's right & God's wrong. We lack God's view. #HarborCBR

Job25,2-v2 God makes peace in His high heaven. From His perspective everything makes sense. We won't get IT until we get THERE. #HarborCBR

Job25,3-I act most like Job's friends w/my kids. I give truth misapplied because I don't take time to understand their circumstances. #HarborCBR

Job26-JOB: All is revealed to God, much is hidden from us. You friends are no help! This begins Job's 6-chapter final speech. #HarborCBR

Job27-Here's what I know: 1) I am righteous. 2) I'm being treated as though I'm wicked. The next chapter tells what to do about this. #HarborCBR

Job28-We diligently hunt & find gold, but where can wisdom be found? HERE: Honor God & turn from evil. Our eggs are in this basket. #HarborCBR

Job28,2-Wisdom in this chapter means how to cope with undeserved suffering. Sometimes all you can do is reach out to God & hope. #HarborCBR

Job28,3-Jesus proves that God will always grasp your outstretched hand and see you through. #HarborCBR

Job29-JOB: I remember the good ol' days! When God was close, I had wealth, influence, a confident future. I long for those days! #HarborCBR

Job30-JOB: Those good ol' days are gone. People far beneath me now look down on me. I cry for help, but You only look and do nothing. #HarborCBR

Job31-JOB concludes: If I've sinned, I deserve all of this. BUT I HAVEN'T! Won't someone listen?! At least give me the accusations! #HarborCBR

Job31,2-v5-40 has 8 "If I've done this" statements. That's 7+1 for those counting. Covers the 5th-10th commandments. Not a coincidence. #HarborCBR

Job31,3-Jesus has radically changed our view of the reasons for suffering. From being punished to enduring & overcoming. #HarborCBR

Job32-ELIHU: A mixed start. GOOD: Let's elders speak first. Moved by God's Spirit. Angry w/Job's friends. BAD: Angry w/Job. We'll see. #HarborCBR

Job32,2-Elihu's speech lasts 6 chapters. Can't see yet if he'll add anything helpful, but he builds tension waiting for God's response. #HarborCBR

Job33-ELIHU: You're wrong about God. He's answered you in 1)Warning dreams. 2)Pain & suffering. Come back to God. He'll restore you. #HarborCBR

Job33,2-Elihu's humble case: Thru your suffering God is telling you to repent. Sounds like the 3 friends. Truth misapplied steals hope. #HarborCBR

Job33,3-v23-24: gospel language of a mediator b/t us & God delivering us from judgment by a ransom. In the NT, that's redemption! #HarborCBR

Job34-ELIHU: God knows all, gives justice that all deserve. To his sin, Job adds rebellion by answering back to God. #HarborCBR

Job34,2-Elihu would be right if he wasn't wrong (that's profound). God is working outside of E's categories. God does that sometimes. #HarborCBR

Job35-ELIHU: People cry out in suffering, but they don't say God's absent! Pride and evil say that, which is why God doesn't answer. #HarborCBR

Job36-ELIHU: God allows suffering to bring people back from sin. Job, you've chosen to keep sinning instead of turning to God. #HarborCBR

Job36,2-v30-32: Lightning is God's presence on earth. Thunder is His voice. #HarborCBR

Job37-ELIHU: God is over all, knowing far more than us. He always does right. Honor Him. He dismisses those who know better than Him. #HarborCBR

Job37,2-v13 shows three reasons behind why God does ANYTHING: 1. For correction, 2. For love, 3. For His world (land). That's huge. #HarborCBR

Job37,3-Elihu's speech=the 3 friends': full of truth. But misapplied in Job's case. Sometimes God doesn't need us to defend Him. #HarborCBR

Job38-Part of Ryan's prayer before we read: "Thank You that You started talking and that we'll finally find out what You're doing." #HarborCBR

Job38,2-God answered Job, not his friends. The friends get theirs later (ch42),

Job38,3-God's response to Job feels sarcastic and humiliating. Not what I'd expect from a Heavenly Father. I need to think more deeply. #HarborCBR

Job38,4-God to the Job who is judging God: I want to know if you know enough to make these judgments, or help you see that you don't. #HarborCBR

Job38,5-Qualifications needed to judge God: be the creator, know everything, control the weather and provide for humans and animals. #HarborCBR

Job38,6-God IS answering Job's, "Why this suffering?" The answer begins reminding Job that God knows EVERYTHING. #HarborCBR

Job38,7-Harshness can be warranted when a sufferer oversteps a line. Grace/patience are abundant, but there's a time to reset thinking. #HarborCBR

Job38,8-Earth is construction, the Sea is a birth. Reminds of new birth (baptism waters) and growth (the work of sanctification). #HarborCBR

Job39-GOD: Do you have the wisdom to judge me? Do you know all the mysteries of the animals in creation? I'll remind you of 7 of them. #HarborCBR

Job39,2-Mtn goats, Wild donkey and ox, Ostrich and horse, Hawk and Eagle-I made them, know their quirks-they're all part of my plan! #HarborCBR

JOB: Wow. I lost myself. I forgot Your greatness. I'm going to shut up now. #HarborCBR"

"Job40-GOD: You want to sue me? Answer these!

Job40,2-GOD: No. You started this. We're going to finish it. You condemned Me, but you're not strong enough to judge or rule the world. #HarborCBR

Job41-GOD: Majestic Leviathan rules the seas (as Behemoth rules the land-ch40). His power dwarfs you, but he's just a pet to Me. #HarborCBR

Job41,2-Leviathan is a dragon. Could God be revealing to Job about the dragon Satan (Rev12:9) and the conflict of this entire book? #HarborCBR

Job41,3-Job has been falsely accused and condemned by his friends. God is showing Job that Job has done the same thing to God. #HarborCBR

Job42-Job comes through! In his suffering, he gets resolution: Job didn't need to know why. He just needed to know God! #HarborCBR

Job42,2-We may have unanswered questions/objections. But the one who was suffering says knowing God is the only answer he needed. #HarborCBR

Job42,3-God condemns Job's friends and justifies Job. But Job, the righteous, intercedes for his friends and they are forgiven. Jesus! #HarborCBR

Job42,4-Job is rewarded beyond his wildest dreams. He was rich before. Now his wealth is doubled: financially, socially, spiritually. #HarborCBR

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