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Ecclesiastes: a shockingly honest declaration of why happiness is so elusive.

Ec1-Begins w/a depressing conclusion that tugs at us because we fear it's true. Evidence & personal experience support it. Is he right? #CBR

Ec1,2-Vanity can mean meaningless, worthless, or simply fleeting. I like fleeting best--think vapor: a squirt from a spray bottle. #CBR

Ec1,3-v3-7 Work: no lasting impact. People come & go. Sun&wind go in circles. Streams don't fill the seas. Eyes&ears: never satisfied. #CBR

Ec1,4-v9-1 There's nothing new. We forget the past. The present will be forgotten. So what's the point? All is fleeting. #CBR

 Ec1,5-v9 A phrase in this verse is key to unlocking this cryptic book: "under the sun." The answer comes by looking ABOVE the sun. #CBR

Ec2-Pleasure, alcohol, achievements, stuff, $$, entertainment, sex-all is fleeting. Anyone who says differently is selling something. #CBR

Ec2,2-If all is fleeting, what's v24-26? Not defeated resignation. v26 is the 1st hint at the book's answer for life's meaning. See it? #CBR

Ec2,3-Life under the sun is fleeting w/o knowing the One who lives above the sun. Christmas really is the answer to Ecclesiastes! #CBR

Ec3-2:24--3:15 are one unit that gets to the answer of where we can find meaning and purpose in life. 2:26, 3:11,14 show the answer. #CBR

Ec3,2-v1-8 How can v11 say God makes all these beautiful? Only reflection w/in the perspective of eternity can see beauty in the bad. #CBR

Ec3,3-v1-8 There is beauty in death when you have hope in the restoration of resurrection. #CBR

Ec3,4-v1-8 There is beauty in killing when you realize that some death brings life (food, ego, sin, the cross of Jesus). #CBR

Ec3,5-v1-8 There is beauty in weeping when it demonstrates and honors that what is lost is truly meaningful. #CBR

Ec3,6-v1-8 There is beauty in hating when you recognize that some things need to be opposed in order for more of eternity to be tasted. #CBR

Ec3,7-v1-8 There is beauty in war when you understand that some conflicts in life need to be violently engaged (sin & oppression). #CBR

Ec3,8-v11 Eternity is in our hearts. Longing to matter, to be known & loved, to understand purpose--this is eternity coming out of us. #CBR

Ec3,9-v11 Knowing that there is eternity makes renewed people. It gives a relationship with God, and a perspective that sees more. #CBR

Ec3,10-v11-12 In the frustration that comes with needing to have faith, God gives us joy in food and work. Can you find joy in work? #CBR

Ec3,11-v14 Here is the answer to the Vanity/Fleeting/Meaninglessness of life: what God does endures forever. God's work isn't fleeting. #CBR

Ec3,12-v14 God does all of this so that we would revere/honor Him. THIS is the key to getting above the sun to find meaning in life. #CBR

Ec3,13-v16-18 The freedom to act wickedly is God's test to show who will act like humans in His image, and who will act like beasts. #CBR

Ec3,14-v19-22 Under the sun we can't know what happens after death. This is why the resurrection is so important: it glimpses eternity! #CBR

Ec4-v1-3 The oppression in our world! Power is God-given to serve those with no power (Ps 72). When power serves self: evil & despair. #CBR

Ec4,2-v4 All excellence in work comes from envy? A depressing corollary of social Darwinism. We need an above-the-sun view of work! #CBR

Ec4,3-v6 Less w/Quietness > Full w/Envy-chasing labor. Knowing God brings us above-the-sun wisdom that frees us from the rat race. #CBR

Ec4,4-v7-8 The sad tragedy of driven people who have no community. When work doesn't serve those you love, it's benefits are fleeting. #CBR

Ec4,5-v9-12 The joy of Growing in Community! Greater reward! Support! Restoration! Warmth! Protection! Not fleeting, these last forever.#CBR

Ec4,6-v9-12 Thank U Jesus! You give me Your reward for my sin! Your support & restoration keep my heart aflame. Together we are strong! #CBR

Ec4,7-v13-16 Poor wise young > Rich foolish old king Our good work decays when we stop listening to advice. We'll always need community.#CBR

Ec5-v1 Key to real meaning in life: Listen to God. Don't go through the motions with God. You will have meaning. #CBR

Ec5,2-v2 God deserves reverence. Listen before you assume you know more than He does. He sees from above the sun, you see from below. #CBR

Ec5,3-v7 Reverence for God is the key to everything. It humbles & encourages because you remember all that God has done in Jesus. #CBR

Ec5,4-v10 Love money and you'll never be satisfied because money is a cruel lover. It's unceasing message is "just a little more." #CBR

Ec5,5-v20 God's love is demonstrated in His giving us things to enjoy in life, even if we can't solve the world's greatest problems. #CBR

Ec6-An incredible tragedy: one who works their whole life, but never stops to enjoy it. Why are we never satisfied? God is! #CBR

Ec7-Makes sense only as the response of one deeply aware of the world's brokenness. Honest frustration and lament > ignorant happiness. #CBR

Ec7,2-v3 Honest lament is crucial to finding happiness in our broken world. When expectations are properly set, we can have joy. #CBR

Ec7,3-v9 Anger is dangerous. It will consume and control us if we're not careful. #CBR

Ec7,4-v15-18 Any life lived, whether wise or foolish, won't satisfy without a reverent relationship with God. Knowing Him gives hope. #CBR

Ec7,5-v29 The source of the brokenness in the world? It's not God, it's us! We are quick to blame Him, but it's people who do evil. #CBR

Ec8-v1-9 The life that satisfies is a life lived under authority--both God and government. Respect and reverence lead to really living. #CBR

Ec8,2-v10-13 This language emphasizes the need for speedy trials-not just for unjustified confinement, but for connected punishment. #CBR

Ec8,3-v16-17 A healthy corrective to thinking we can know everything. There's no despair if you know the One who does know everything. #CBR

Ec9-Circumstances good and bad happen to all, regardless of their integrity or religion. Knowing this is frustrating AND freeing. #CBR

Ec10-Proverbs about wise & foolish rulers, the power of words, & the need to keep improving. Above the sun wisdom for life down here. #CBR

Ec10,2-v1 This is where the phrase, "A fly in the ointment" comes from. #CBR

Ec10,3-v4-5 Frustrated by the political system that corrupts society? The Bible understands your pain. Take care how you respond to it. #CBR

Ec10,4-v8 If you set a trap for others, you'll be trapped. If this doesn't happen literally, it will happen to your soul. #CBR

Ec10,5-v10 This is Stephen Covey's 7th Habit of Highly Effective People! Our tools (and us!) need regular sharpening. #CBR

Ec10,6-v16 Is this why Jesus waited 30 years before He began to reign? He grew in wisdom, stature, & favor w/God & men (Luke 2:52). #CBR

Ec10,7-v17 A purpose for food is to give strength. So the purpose of fasting is saying: God I'm not strong enough to do this! You must! #CBR

Ec10,8-v19 Bread = laughter. Wine = gladder life. Alcohol = God's gift. Don't abuse any of God's gifts. Communion = celebration! #CBR

Ec11-v2 Invest in community, and it will care for you in hard times. Good reason to join Harbor City Church and Grow in Community. #CBR

Ec11,2-v3-4 If you are overly worried about what may come, you'll never do anything. Failing while trying > Not doing anything #CBR

Ec11,3-v5 We don't understand God's work. We don't have His perspective unless He gives it to us. Good reason to read the Bible. #CBR

Ec11,6-v7 Light is sweet, healing to the spirit. Being in the sun is a foretaste of basking in the glory of God. #CBR

Ec11,7-v8 is the beginning of a conclusion. Rejoice in the good in your life, and recognize that evil things are part of life too. #CBR

Ec12-The book''s summary ending: Revere & obey God when young, so when life deteriorates with age, your life will have lasting meaning. #CBR

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Proverbs CBR Tweets

PROVERBS STARTS FRIDAY! Acquire with me the wisdom to have faith like Job, hope like Paul, and power like Jesus. 5 chapters/week. #HarborCBR

Pr1-The more you know, the better this summarizes the Bible. Begins where Job ends: How can we flourish and make sense of life? WISDOM! #HarborCBR

Pr1,2-Wisdom makes you whole in all of life. It begins with deep reverence for God & His ways. It makes the Bible "pages of diamonds." #HarborCBR

Pr1,3-v8-9 The wisdom of parents' words and ways makes their children beautiful. #HarborCBR

Pr1,4-v10-14: Don't run with or follow evil people. They are killing themselves and reducing their lives to meaninglessness. #HarborCBR

Pr1,5-v20-23 Wisdom offers life, blessing, & a 2nd chance (or 3rd, 4th, etc.). It's personified because God wants a relationship w/us. #HarborCBR

Pr1,6-v24-32 Wisdom condemns & mocks those who reject it (see Ps 2:1-6). We must include this for our view of God to be accurate. #HarborCBR

Pr1,7-Wisdom's source, Parenting, Warning against evil people, Wisdom's blessings, Wisdom's judgment-what a rich beginning to Proverbs! #HarborCBR

Pr2-If you seek wisdom, God will give it & shield your life. You'll know right living, & be delivered from evil people and their ways. #HarborCBR

Pr2,2-To gain wisdom, you MUST: receive, treasure, be attentive, incline your heart, call out, seek diligently, & search--7 things #HarborCBR

Pr2,3-v6: God's word gives wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. This is why we read the Bible! Look for these when you do. #HarborCBR

Pr2,4-v16-18: Lust in all forms is a lie. It leads to death. Don't be ensnared by the dress or ways of those who want your gaze. #HarborCBR

Pr3-Trust & honor God. You'll experience His blessings in all areas of life because you'll experience HIM in all areas of life. #HarborCBR

Pr4-Summary: Parents get then grant wisdom. You gotta want it. Wisdom is a good lover. Avoid the path of the wicked. Guard your heart. #HarborCBR

Pr4,2-v1-9: Parents either Continue or Create a relationship w/God that spans generations. Give your knowledge & experience to ur kids! #HarborCBR

Pr4,3-v7: The beginning of wisdom: Get wisdom! You gotta want it. It starts here. #HarborCBR

Pr4,4-v6-19: Wisdom is a good lover. Marry her and she'll fulfill your wildest dreams. It won't be perfect, but it will satisfy. #HarborCBR

Pr4,5-v14-19: Avoid the path of the wicked. That path leads to darkness, bondage, stumbling, meaninglessness and actions you'll regret. #HarborCBR

Pr4,6-v18: The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until full day. Wow! #HarborCBR

Pr4,7-How to get kids to listen? Be honest in failure. Share your decisions to follow/honor God and how it turns out-good and bad. #HarborCBR

Pr4,8-v20-27: Guard your heart (mind&emotions). What you pour into your heart will control your life. #HarborCBR

Pr5-Real conversation re: sexual sin. It calls from everywhere. If you give yourself to honey lips, you'll give away your soul & more. #HarborCBR

Pr5,2-Be satisfied w/what you have! Love the one you're with. Make her or him your standard for beauty. You need no another standard. #HarborCBR

Pr6-Financial trouble? Laziness? Manipulators? Trapped in lust? God's wisdom (and the gospel) forgives, frees, leads, and protects! #HarborCBR

Pr6,2-v1-5: If you're in a financial bind, make it right ASAP. Don't avoid it, don't put it off, plead urgently to resolve it. #HarborCBR

Pr6,3-v6-11: Work hard and so avoid financial bondage. Follow the ant's example. If you're lazy, poverty will mug your life. #HarborCBR

Pr6,4-v12-19: God hates what destroys relationships: arrogance, lies, violence, promoting conflict. 7 make a chiasm w/heart at center. #HarborCBR

Pr6,5-Eyes, tongue, hands, heart,& feet can bring life or death. Jesus' perfect life gives us His eyes, tongue, etc to strengthen ours! #HarborCBR

Pr6,6-v20-23: God's commandments bring life! They lead you, watch over you, and talk with you. They direct AND correct. We need both. #HarborCBR

Pr6,7-v24-35: So many (me included) bear the scorch scars of lust. Jesus came for us! The gospel brings forgiveness and freedom! #HarborCBR

Pr7-v15 is THE lie of the adulteress,porn star,& model: "I have come out to meet YOU, to seek YOU eagerly." She doesn't care about you. #HarborCBR

Pr8-Wisdom is now personified: a woman saying, "Learn! Listen! Follow my ways!" I offer you wealth, maturity, influence, & God's mind. #HarborCBR

Pr8,2-v30-31: Wisdom is City Positive, rejoicing in God's world, and delighting in people. #HarborCBR

Pr8,3-Learning Jesus is the wisdom of God (1Cor 1:24,30), this chapter takes on a new layer of meaning. Lady Wisdom becomes Jesus. #HarborCBR

Pr9-Lady Wisdom & Lady Folly: Both invite, both offer relationship. 1 leads to wisdom and life, the other to meaninglessness and death. #HarborCBR

Pr9,2-Lady Wisdom prepares a feast & offers shelter, beauty, stability, strength, and joy. Extravagant grace to all who are interested. #HarborCBR

Pr9,3-Lady Folly openly offers the pleasures of getting away w/something.Stealing&secret indulgence tantalize,but warp us toward death. #HarborCBR

Pr9,4-Folly's seduction appeals to lust-not only sexual & fear of missing out. Anger also justifies our indulging. Jesus, rescue me/us! #HarborCBR

Pr10-Wealth, Work, Speech, and Life Direction fill this chapter with wisdom and warnings. All leads to a deeper relationship with God. #HarborCBR

Pr10,2-As Solomon to son, God speaks to His children: putting His arm around our shoulder, pointing to life,&explaining how things are. #HarborCBR

Pr10,3-v2: Treasures gained by wickedness don't profit. It's stolen water (9:17-18). You think ur getting away w/something, but ur not. #HarborCBR

Pr10,4-v11 The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life! Our words can refresh, strengthen, and make others come to life! #HarborCBR

Pr10,5-The righteous in Proverbs is a photo album of Jesus' life. He was these things FOR us, and He works IN us to make us these too. #HarborCBR

Pr11-Work, wealth, community service, the path of good and evil and its effect on a city. Proverbs renews people who will renew cities! #HarborCBR

Pr11,2-v1 shows that excellence in work is a delight to God. God cares about the quality of our work because it's a reflection on Him. #HarborCBR

Pr11,3-v10-11: The city rejoices when the righteous prosper because the righteous bless the city with their prosperity! #HarborCBR

Pr11,4-v14-Without guidance, people fail. This is a call for and a definition of leadership: Provide guidance for others. #HarborCBR

Pr11,5-v24 One gives freely, yet grows all the richer; another withholds what he should give,& only suffers want. God's ironic economy! #HarborCBR

Pr11,6-v25 Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered. Blessing others brings blessing! #HarborCBR

Pr12-The power of speech, hard work, and a heart devoted to Jesus-these mark the road to a good life and influence. #HarborCBR

Pr12,2-v1 Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof is stupid. Strong words, but true. Humility is essential. #HarborCBR

Pr12,3-v18 There is 1 whose rash words are like sword thrusts,but the tongue of the wise brings healing. Amazing what our words can do. #HarborCBR

Pr12,4-v24 The hand of the diligent will rule, while the slothful will be put to forced labor. Excellence in work produces leaders. #HarborCBR

Pr13-Willingness to be corrected, speaking to give life to others, diligence in work, the shaping power of community. Wisdom for life! #HarborCBR

Pr13,2-v8 Good news for the poor! You'll never be threatened for your money! That's a very practical silver lining. #HarborCBR

Pr13,3-v11 Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it. Get rich quick also fails quick. #HarborCBR

Pr13,4-v20 Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise. Thank You, Jesus for coming to walk with us! #HarborCBR

Pr14-Reverence for God, forgiveness, anger, wealth, work, & caring for the poor--all of life is an opportunity to know & show wisdom. #HarborCBR

Pr14,2-Fear of the LORD: better to translate this reverence over fear. Honoring & respecting God & His ways above all else=LIFE. #HarborCBR

Pr14,3-v4 A productive life will be messy. Meaningful relationships will have friction. Significance will require forgiveness. #HarborCBR

Pr14,4-v9 Some think the confession and forgiveness are outdated or unnecessary, but there's nothing like knowing you're accepted! #HarborCBR

Pr14,5-v15 The wisest Christians don't simply believe everything, they think and reason and seek understanding. #HarborCBR

Pr14,6-v22 Don't just let good deeds present themselves, plan for them! There's great blessing for those who plan and do good! #HarborCBR

Pr14,7-v30 Contentment with what you have = THE GOOD LIFE. Jealousy destroys us from the inside out. #HarborCBR

Pr14,8-v31 Oppress someone at work, home or neighborhood & you insult God. He made you both in His image, but you think you're better. #HarborCBR

Pr15-Speech, work, wealth, parenting, listening--all of life is lived in the presence of God. Welcome that presence & life is GOOD! #HarborCBR

Pr15,2-v1-4 Our words are powerful! They can create life as God's did in Genesis 1. They can also destroy life in others. #HarborCBR

Pr15,3-v6&27 Trouble befalls the income of the wicked: for self and the family. We really don't get away with anything. #HarborCBR

Pr15,4-v8 The good works of the wicked do not outweigh their wickedness. They need to turn to God in humble sorrow to start fresh. #HarborCBR

Pr15,5-v15 Cheerfulness makes all of life a continual feast! The gospel is good cheer, added as the continual soundtrack of our lives. #HarborCBR

Pr15,6-v16 reverence for God + little > great wealth + trouble #HarborCBR

Pr15,7-v17 crumbs to eat + family love > feasting + family hate #HarborCBR

Pr15,8-v21 Folly is joy to some. Don't be surprised when people are really excited about doing awful things or awful things others do. #HarborCBR

Pr15,9-v23 You know that time you were in the situation and you had the perfect thing to say? Isn't that awesome!! #HarborCBR

Pr15,10-v31-33 Listening and learning from others is a HUGE, irreplaceable part of becoming wise. Listening requires & produces wisdom. #HarborCBR

Pr16-God's sovereignty, our efforts, work, wealth, and speech. Every day we have a chance to grow in wisdom & to spread God's kingdom! #HarborCBR

Pr16,2-v1-4 God is in control. He is above all, and works everything, EVERYTHING together for the good of those who love Him. EMG #HarborCBR

Pr16,3-v6 portrays salvation by works, until you read the explanatory 2nd half. Turning from evil is repentance, love, & faithfulness. #HarborCBR

Pr16,4-v11 Excellence and integrity at work deepen our relationship with God. They unite us to Christ and show our union with Him. #HarborCBR

Pr16,5-v14 There's great wisdom in keeping your boss happy. #HarborCBR

Pr16,6-v16 wisdom + understanding > gold + silver #HarborCBR

Pr16,7-v19 humility + poverty > arrogance + wealth #HarborCBR

Pr17-The lifestyles of the wise & foolish and the results of their choices. #HarborCBR

Pr17,2-v2 Wisdom exalts. The wise will lead. #HarborCBR

Pr17,3-v3 God tests our hearts to purify them. He burns out our impurities in the furnace of affliction. We come out shining! #HarborCBR

Pr17,4-v8 Bribery works. This is the Bible being descriptive (how the world works), not prescriptive (what you should do). #HarborCBR

Pr17,5-v13 You will reap what you so. There is ultimately no getting away with anything-even in this life. We become what we do. #HarborCBR

Pr17,6-v22 Our attitude affects our health. We are body and soul, and these two affect each other. #HarborCBR

Pr17,7-v27-28 Self-controlled speech is wisdom. Even the fool fools everyone by this practice. #HarborCBR

Pr18-The pervasive life impact of wise & foolish speech on a person & on those around him/her. Safety comes from God's word made flesh! #HarborCBR

Pr18,2-v1 Isolation can be unhealthy. God made us to grow in community. It's our second value: http://t.co/PJW7cRcZYr #HarborCBR

Pr18,3-Speech can keep us from listening, pick fights, ruin others, feed arrogance, decay relationships. Jesus, forgive & set us free! #HarborCBR

Pr18,4-Speech can promote understanding, end quarreling, make us humble, give life & renewal to others. Jesus, fill us with your words! #HarborCBR

Pr18,5-v13&17 Clarify before you speak, and listen to BOTH sides to be wise. #HarborCBR

Pr18,6-v10 God's name is a strong tower, run to it to be safe. Jesus is the name of God who became man to save us! He makes us safe! #HarborCBR

Pr19-Work&laziness, wealth&poverty & its relationship impact, parenting & discipline. God can be w/us in these in our thinking & doing. #HarborCBR

Pr19,2-v3 Peoples' foolishness brings problems, and then they blame God for their problems. Yep, I've done that. I'm sorry God! #HarborCBR

Pr19,3-v11 Love covers over a multitude of sins. There's a time to bring it up, there's a time to say, "this isn't a big deal." #HarborCBR

Pr19,4-v17 Generosity to the poor = lending to God! How does that change your attitude&actions? Imagine the ROI if God is paying back! #HarborCBR

"Pr19,5-v23 Reverence for God = a satisfying life free from crazybusy

Sign me up for that! #HarborCBR

Pr19,6-v14 Thank You God for the incredible gift of my wife! #HarborCBR

Pr20-Alcohol, work, relationships, legacy, wealth, and discipline. Wisdom and its God are in our everyday lives. God with us! #HarborCBR

Pr20,2-Alcohol exemplifies a good thing taken to extreme becomes a bad thing. That is so many things in life. Wisdom = use, not abuse. #HarborCBR

Pr20,3-v4,10,13,17,21,23 Work wisdom: Laziness destroys, corruption angers God, ends don't justify means. Work as if He's your boss! #HarborCBR

Pr20,4-v5 Understanding is key to helping people open up in relationships. That takes humility, caring, and a listening ear. #HarborCBR

Pr20,5-v14 I love this vignette on how people negotiate. At the table: "This is awful!" Afterwards: "This is amazing!" #HarborCBR

Pr20,6-v15 Long been a favorite of mine. The value of knowledgeable lips. #HarborCBR

Pr20,7-v30 Wounds and pain can cleanse us on the inside. That's hopeful in the midst of the pain. #HarborCBR

Pr21-Work, politics, bribery, marriage, trying to get away with things, and God being in control. Lots in this chapter to make us wise. #HarborCBR

Pr21,2-v3 Good works > religious rituals. God reads our hearts and our motivations. #HarborCBR

Pr21,3-v5-6 The ends don't justify the means. It might look like you got away with something, but your heart is affected by all you do. #HarborCBR

Pr21,4-v21 Incredible statement that we will get what we pursue. #HarborCBR

Pr21,5-v24 Helpful definition of a scoffer. This verse is a helpful explanation, needed to understand Psalm 1:1. #HarborCBR

Pr21,6-v30 You can fight against God in life, but it won't work. #HarborCBR

Pr22-Wealth, parenting, and work. It's great that the Bible speaks to things that are so practical. #HarborCBR

Pr22,2-v2 Rich and poor commune because the ground is level before the Creator (and before the cross too). #HarborCBR

Pr22,3-v4 Here's an incredible promise of reward. If you are humble and revere God, you will have riches and honor and life! #HarborCBR

Pr22,4-v14 Sexual sin can be God's judgment. #HarborCBR

Pr22,5-v6,15 children desperately need to be disciplined. Maturity doesn't happen without discipline. #HarborCBR

Pr22,6-v16 Ill-gotten wealth will impoverish you. If not your bank account, then your soul. We don't get away w/anything in this life. #HarborCBR

Pr22,7-v29 Let us work with Excellence! The skillful will stand before kings and receive honor from the King of Kings. #HarborCBR

Pr23-Extended proverbs (began w/22:17) on ensnaring idolatries(approval, luxury), and parenting. Parents AND kids need gospel freedom! #HarborCBR

Pr23,2-v1-3 The approval of the powerful will ensnare you. Long for it or the luxury of its lifestyle and you will be enslaved. #HarborCBR

Pr23,3-v4-5 Don't strive after wealth as though it'll save you. Wealth can't satisfy because it always promises ONLY if you have more. #HarborCBR

Pr23,4-v6-8 be careful who you trust. Some generosity has a hidden hook that will leave you unsatisfied and waste your friendship. #HarborCBR

Pr23,5-v13-28 Wise parenting that begins w/frank (but true) words on the power of gospel discipline(v13). We all need correction. #HarborCBR

Pr23,6-v26 Parenting's Holy Ground: You must ask for & steward your children's obedience. To steward: use your authority to serve them. #HarborCBR

Pr24-The strength of wisdom blesses you and makes you a blessing to others, responding to bad people, hard work and laziness. #HarborCBR

Pr24,2-Don't envy the wicked. They aren't producing life. Instead they stripmine life from others. Focus on increasing life around you. #HarborCBR

Pr24,3-v3-14 What Lady Wisdom built (ch9) now we can build by prizing and following her. She gives strength, for us & to bless others. #HarborCBR

Pr24,4-v13-14 Enjoy good food! And know that wisdom is good and feeds your soul. Remember that next time you pray before a meal. #HarborCBR

Pr24,5-v17-18 A reason not to rejoice when your enemy falls: God might be displeased with you & not judge him/her. That's unexpected. #HarborCBR

Pr24,6-v17-22 How to respond to enemies and bad people. Don't envy them--they have no future. Focus on Jesus, and let Him care for you. #HarborCBR

Pr25-Pursue God with gusto--there's glory there, words give life and persuade, but can also do damage. #HarborCBR

Pr25,2-v2 There is incredible joy in God's word. He has revealed things in the Bible that only the unrelenting reader will get. #HarborCBR

Pr25,3-v4-5 Unrelenting removal of sin from our lives yields God's blessings and a foretaste of heaven. #HarborCBR

Pr25,4-v11-28 The power of words for life & death. Another reflection on how our words can create & destroy (imaging God in Genesis 1). #HarborCBR

Pr26-Responding to fools, sluggards, and the quarrelsome. Wisdom: knowing what right in one situation isn't right in another. #HarborCBR

Pr26,2-v4-5 The Bible shouldn't produce unthinking people, but wise people who know different situations require different responses. #HarborCBR

Pr26,3-v1-12 Lots of insight here about fools and foolishness, and how the wise should respond. #HarborCBR

Pr26,4-v15 Ridiculous scene of the lazy: it's so bad, he reaches for another chip, and is too worn out to bring the chip to his mouth! #HarborCBR

Pr26,5-v18-19 Read this the next time you do something to someone and then say, "I was just kidding!" SOMETIMES, evil drives us. #HarborCBR

Pr27-Honesty in friendships, and the need to grow in community. This is value #3 of Harbor City Church! http://t.co/rH0t2oXjz8 #HarborCBR

Pr27,2-v5-6 You need people who will faithfully wound you. How else will you grow? Prize those who lovingly confront you with truth. #HarborCBR

Pr27,3-v9-10 Good counsel delights the heart of others. We need these relationships close to us. #HarborCBR

Pr27,4-v14 MORNING PEOPLE BEWARE! Blessing others early in the morning is a curse if it's LOUD. I need to remember this! #HarborCBR

Pr27,5-v17-O, the power of those friendships where we make each other better! How many are you sharpening? How many sharpen you? #HarborCBR

Pr27,5-v19 Your heart is the truest reflection of who you are. The difference between your heart & outward face reflects your maturity. #HarborCBR

Pr27,6-v20 We think, "If I just indulge, the craving will go away." Nope. Desires don't change until we crucify them--Rom 6:6-11; 8:13. #HarborCBR

Pr27,7-v21 A diagnostic test for us all: What you praise reveals who you are. So who are you today? #HarborCBR

Pr28-Leadership, money, work and the impact of good and evil in these things. Our actions & attitudes in these affect those around us. #HarborCBR

Pr28,2-v1 There is a confident boldness that characterizes the life of one who walks in relationship with God. #HarborCBR

Pr28,3-If we don't listen to God, He won't listen to us. What a reminder every time we pray! #HarborCBR

Pr28,4-v12 Do people rejoice when you prosper? The righteous care for others with their success, so others rejoice when they succeed. #HarborCBR

Pr28,5-v13 Anticipates the 1st 3 Beattitudes: "Blessed are the honest." Thank You Jesus for a gospel that gives freedom to be broken! #HarborCBR

Pr28,6-v19 God free me from distractions at work! Help me to focus! #HarborCBR

Pr28,7-v27 If you care for the poor, God will care for you. #HarborCBR

Pr29-Humility, words, money, discipline. These areas of life are so important to live in the presence of God. #HarborCBR

Pr29,2-v2 Do people rejoice when you increase? If you' seek justice for all, they will. Imagine others celebrating your success! #HarborCBR

Pr29,3-v4 Taxes can destroy. This is why character matters in government. #HarborCBR

Pr29,4-v6 A powerful image of the security & joy that comes from walking with God. Singing & rejoicing. I want more of that in my life. #HarborCBR

Pr29,5-v10 Some people are driven by evil. Trying to see people as they see themselves, I tend to treat people as better than they are. #HarborCBR

Pr29,6-v14 A strong argument for the political left, tho it begins rather than ends the discussion. Care for the poor and last forever. #HarborCBR

Pr29,7-v15 and v17 Parents have to discipline their kids. #HarborCBR

Pr29,8-v19 This verse rocks my leadership world. Teaching isn't enough. Accountability is absolutely essential. #HarborCBR

Pr29,9-v25 Fear of God is parallel with trust. Fear of God means something different than simply "fear." That's comforting. #HarborCBR

Pr30-Mystery, moderation, money, mindfulness. All themes in this chapter of Proverbs. #HarborCBR

Pr30,2-v1-4 The often frustrated pursuit of wisdom finds it's fulfilling goal in Jesus, the one who ascended to heaven and came down. #HarborCBR

Pr30,3-v8 Avoid sinful extremes on both sides: Not so needy that I sin to fill the need. But not so much that I don't need God. #HarborCBR

Pr30,4-v15-16 Selfishness and neediness are unfillable holes. The more you give them, the hungrier they get. #HarborCBR

Pr30,5-v20 People will sin and not care. They won't be broken or apologetic. They'll move on and get mad at you for being bothered. #HarborCBR

Pr31-Proverbs ends w/2 most important elements of life: (1) How you lead others, (2) who you should lead with. EVERYONE needs this. #HarborCBR

Pr31,2-v2-9 Mom's! Be a continued source of wisdom for your children. Even rulers need wisdom that comes from a long time relationship. #HarborCBR

Pr31,3-v3 Relationships and sex can utterly destroy the positive direction of a life. Success draws abusers like moths to a flame. #HarborCBR

Pr31,4-v4 Alcohol is literal here, but it can also be sex, power, control, praise. Don't drink too deeply, or you'll pervert justice. #HarborCBR

Pr31,5-v6-7 Strong confrontation of a too-rigid portion of the church. There's a time not only to drink, but to get drunk. #HarborCBR

Pr31,6-v8-9 Leadership is sacrificing to care for those who can't care for themselves. Defend the defenseless. #HarborCBR

Pr31,7-v10-31 The book of wisdom ends affirming God's creation statement: "It's not good for man to be alone. He needs help." #HarborCBR

Pr31,8-v10-31 If you find a great wife or husband, then outside of knowing Jesus, there is NOTHING better in all of life. #HarborCBR

Pr31,9-v10-31 Each of these 22 verses begin with the next of 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet. Literally, the A to Z of a great wife. #HarborCBR

Pr31,10-v10-31 Remember Proverbs introduced Wisdom to us as a wonderful woman. The blessings of this wife come to all who marry wisdom. #HarborCBR

Pr31,11-v10-31 This wife is an incredible blessing to her husband and family. Work, leadership, and words. All know that she is legit. #HarborCBR

Pr31,12-v25 My favorite: she laughs at the time to come. Not overwhelmed, but faces now & future trouble w/DEFIANT MIRTH (see God Ps2:4). #HarborCBR

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